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I wonder sometimes if people really truly listen to what they say and how it sounds. I hear the most ridiculous things come out of people's mouths, and I think: I wish you could hear yourself right now.

A good example is all this Michael Jackson stuff on television. One juror came on a news show and said that she couldn't believe the little boy's story because "he couldn't look Michael Jackson in the eye." You. Moron. Okay, who in their right mind WANTS to look someone who molested them in the eye? It's not because he's lying. It's because he was fucking violated, you numbskull!

On the one hand, I almost hope this little boy really was lying because I hate to think that one more child in this world was violated and the person responsible got free. I don't understand why people feel the need to do those things to children. Why in the world would you even consider something so heinous? And if you did, why wouldn't you get help instead of carrying it out? Even if Michael Jackson didn't do it (which I highly doubt), it happens all the time to so many people.

The violence has got to stop.

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