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Survey stuff

// This or That //
-- “lol” or “haha”: either
-- 1 Best friend or 10 Aquaintances: 1 best friend
-- 90s or Now: 90s...I love 90's music!
-- Adidas or Nike: Nike
-- Airplane or drive: drive
-- AOL or AIM: AIM
-- Argue or Debate: I get mad either way...it's a gift. ;)
-- Basketball or Football: Basketball
-- Bath or Shower: Shower. I have no patience for baths.
-- Beach or Pool: Pool for swimming, but beach for tanning
-- Bitchy or Slutty: Bitchy...if you're a non-slutty bitch you don't get STDs ;)
-- Black or White: Both
-- Black with White or White with Black: Black with white
-- Blonde or Brunette: Brunette
-- Blue or black ink: black
-- Books or Magazines: books...magazines can be really stupid
-- Boxers or Briefs: boxers
-- Boys or girls: boys
-- Candles or Incense: candles
-- Car or Motorcycle: Car
-- Car or truck: car
-- Cash or check: cash
-- Cat or Dog: cat
-- Cd or mp3: MP3
-- Chess or Checkers: Checkers
-- Chicken or Tuna: Chicken
-- Chips or Popcorn: chips
-- Chocolate or Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter
-- Chocolate or Plain milk: plain
-- Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
-- City or town: City
-- Clouds or Clear sky: Clear Sky
-- Coffee or Hot chocolate: hot Chocolate
-- Coffee or Tea: Tea
-- Coke or Pepsi: Coke
-- College or high school: College
-- Color or Neutral: Neutral
-- Contrast or Blending: Contrast
-- Cookies or Cake: Depends on my mood
-- Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese: Cooler Ranch
-- Crayon or Marker: Crayon...I love how they smell
-- Cuddle or Make Out: Cuddle AND Make out...got to go with Karli's answer!
-- Day or Night: Night
-- Deaf or blind: Blind – You’d see people for who they truly are, then....Karli's answer again, I'm keeping it. I love it.
-- Dot or Dash: Dash...after all, I do have a hyphenated last name!
-- Dress up or Dress down: Dress down
-- Drums or Guitar: guitar
-- Drunk or Sober: sober
-- During the movie – Throw popcorn at people or make out: It's a tossup.
-- Early Marriage or Long Engagement: Long Engagement
-- East or West Coast: East
-- E-mail or snail mail: Snail Mail
-- Emo or Goth: Emo
-- English or Math: English
-- Era or eon: era
-- Eyes open or closed: depends
-- Family or Self: Family
-- Fire or water: Water
-- Fizz or Foam: Foam
-- Flowers or Candy: Flowers
-- Fly or breathe under water: Fly
-- Foamy or Pillz-y: Foamy
-- Fog or Mist: Mist
-- Forever or for the moment: It depends on the situation
-- Fork and Spoon or Spork: Fork and Spoon, a spork is like putting peanut butter and jelly in the same jar (I cannot believe they actually do something so heinous)
-- Freak or Slow Dance: Slow
-- French Kiss or Kiss on the Lips: Kiss on the Lips
-- French Toast or French Fries: Fries!
-- Fruit or vegetables: Hmm..both
-- Germaine or Foamy: Foamy
-- Glasses or Contacts: Glasses
-- God or No God: God
-- Half Full or Half Empty: It's both, really. I have no idea who made that into such a philosophical thing, but it's really both. Half is full of liquid, and half is full of air. I personally think air takes up space. Otherwise, you can't fill your lungs with air, etc.
-- Headache or Stomachache: Headache
-- Hearts or Stars: Stars
-- Herpes or Syphilis: Ugh! Neither!
-- History or science: History
-- Hot or Cold: Depends
-- House Party or Club: Depends
-- Hugs or Kisses: Depends on who from
-- Hunter or Hunted: Hunter
-- In A restaurant – 200 Adults talking or one 4 year old screaming: 200 Adults talking
-- Indie or mainstream: Mainstream, mostly
-- Intuition or Sensibility: Both
-- Ireland or Italy: Italy, since I've been to Ireland.
-- Late Nights or Early mornings: Late nights
-- Leader or Follower: Leader
-- Leather or Velvet: Velvet
-- Light or Dark: Dark
-- Lights on or off: off
-- Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve: short sleeve
-- Love or Money: Love
-- Lucky Charms or Cheerios: cheerios
-- Magic or Reason: Reason
-- Mammal or Reptile: mammal
-- McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King
-- Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate: Milk
-- Movie Theater or Rental: Probably rental nowadays. Unless I'm going with friends, I pretty much refuse to go to movies anywhere other than Galleria or Gateway. I have no idea why...I think I just feel exposed anyplace else.
-- Mug or Glass: Mug
-- Music or movies: Music
-- Necklace or Bracelet: necklace
-- New or Old: That all depends
-- New York or California: New York
-- North or South: South
-- Ocean or lake: Ocean
-- Odd or Normal: Odd
-- Old or young: Young
-- On time and look okay or late and look stunning: I like being on time, but there's always something nice about making an impressive enterance!
-- One pillow or two: Whatever it takes for my head to be at just the right level.
-- Opaque or Transparent: Transparent
-- Oranges or apples: Apples
-- Organized or Messy: Organized
-- Original or Spicy: Original
-- Pants or Shorts: shorts
-- Paper or Plastic: Paper
-- Peace or Love: Love
-- Pencil or Pen: Pen
-- Peppermint or Wintergreen: neither
-- Pink or Purple: Purple
-- Pissed off or Passionate: Passionate...but people mistake my passion for annoyance
-- Poem or Essay: Poem
-- Politics or simplicity: Simplicity
-- Pools or hot tubs: pools
-- Possessive or Private: Private
-- Printing or Cursive: printing
-- Private or public: Private
-- Pro life or Pro Choice: I'm somewhere in between.
-- Question or Answer: Answer...we all have a lot of questions, but very few answers.
-- Raspberry or Strawberry: rasperry for jelly, but other than that, neither
-- Reading or Writing: Both
-- Relationships or One Night Stands: Relationships
-- Renaissance or post modern: Post Modern
-- Rich or Pastel: Rich
-- Rock or Rap: Rock
-- Rose or Lily: Lily
-- Rugrats or Doug: Doug...the old one
-- SAT or ACT: ACT
-- Satin or Silk: Satin
-- Scary Movies or Happy Endings: Happy Endings
-- Science or philosophy: philosophy
-- Screw or Nail: Nail
-- Scruff or Clean Shaved: Clean Shaved
-- Sega or Nintendo: Nintendo
-- Shoes or Bare Feet: bare feet except outside
-- Shrooms or Acid: neither
-- Silver or Gold: Silver
-- Sing or Dance: Sing
-- Single or Group Dates: Single
-- Single or Taken: Indifferent
-- Skittles or M&Ms: M&Ms
-- Snoop Dogg or Ludacris: Luda "We want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed..." lol. Love that song.
-- Snow or Rain: Rain
-- Social or Antisocial: Both
-- Soda or Pop: Soda, but it's so cute when people say "pop" sometimes.
-- Spanish or French: Spanish
-- Sports or Studies: Studies
-- Sprinkles or Frosting: Frosting
-- Stars or the moon: Moon
-- Storm or Sun: Storm, except when we have to eat lunch at school.
-- Street Hockey or Ice Hockey: ice
-- Stripes or Solids: Solids
-- Sweet or Sour: Sweet
-- Swing or slide: Swing
-- Symmetrical or Asymmetrical: Symmetrical
-- Tall or Short: Tall
-- Tan or Pale: Tan
-- Tattoos or Piercings: either, but in moderation
-- Telephone or Computer: Computer
-- The way it is or the way it was: I guess that depends
-- Tight or Loose: depends on the time of day
-- Tupac or Jay-Z: Jay-Z
-- TV or Radio: Radio sucks lately...tv
-- Twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl...my dad was really adamant about that when I was little as opposed to being rude and trying to slurp it or something. And cutting it is weird.
-- Visual or Auditory: Visual
-- Walk or Ride: Ride
-- Wallet or Pocket: Wallet
-- Walmart or Target: Target
-- Warm or Cold: Warm
-- Water or soda: Water
-- Wet or Dry: Wet
-- Whip Cream or Cool Whip: Whip Cream
-- Will or Trust: Trust
-- Wind or Fire: Wind
-- Window or Door: door
-- Window seat or aisle: aisle
-- Wine or Water: Water
-- Winter Break or Spring Break: Spring
-- With or without ice cubes: With
-- Work or Play: Play
-- Xbox Or Playstation: Xbox
-- Yes or no: Yes
-- Your dad or YOUR MOM: LOL. Your mom!
-- Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon: Pokemon


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Apr. 6th, 2005 02:48 am (UTC)
You're really pathetic, has anyone ever mentioned that to you?
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