A Wild Child (awriterswindow) wrote,
A Wild Child

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Days go by

For once, the school calendar is good to me.

Spring break is from the 23rd of March (half day) through the 4th of April. I go to school on the 5th and leave for States on the 6th. States is from the 6th-10th. I go to school from the 11th-14th and then I have the 15th off because I'm a raffle chief and I can either go to Disney for a day (and get up at 5am) or have a day off. I choose the day off. That Sunday, the 17th, is prom, so we have the 18th off. Even though I don't anticipate going to prom (no comments from the peanut gallery), I have a four day weekend! w00t! I love this. It's like part-time school.
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