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Karli had this on her journal. Apparently there are 37 categories. This is number one. Won't you be entertained for the next month!

// General Info About You //

-- Name: Ashley Nicole Ruiz-Margenot

-- Nickname: Ash, Ashness, Ashalia

-- Initials: ANRM

-- Birth date: July 1, 1987

-- Birthstone: Ruby

-- Age: 17

-- How old do you act: It depends. I think the majority of the time the youngest I act is 17.

-- How old do you look: I think I used to look older, because a lot of people always asked me if I was married and had children. Umm...do you see a ring? At my doctor's office (pediatrician), I go to sign in and the nurses always refer to me as "Mom", as though I have a child. They think I'm bringing a kid into the office, but I've abandoned her outside or something.

Nurse: Where is she?
Me: Where is who?
Nurse: Ashley. Is she outside?
Me: Ah, no. I'm Ashley.

-- Born In: Ft. Lauderdale

-- Live in: Wilton Manors

-- Address: 2734 NE 16th Terrace

-- House or Apartment: House

-- Gender: Female

-- Race: Caucasian/Hispanic

-- Religion: Episcopalian

-- Nationality: Cuban/Italian

-- Screenname: awriterswindow

-- Zodiac Sign: Cancer

-- Righty or Lefty: lefty

-- Do you have a job: Yes

-- Where do you work: I work for my mom as her personal assistant...I run all her errands, do grocery shopping, etc.

-- How much are you paid: $50 a week

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