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You are a RSYG--Reserved Sentimental Physical Giver. This makes you a Nice Guy/Nice Girl.

Oh, poor RSYG. You're the one all your friends of your target sex *should* be dating when you have to watch them go out with jerks. You're the sweet one that the lead in a romantic comedy ends up with after s/he learns a valuable lesson. You're the best friend, the chaperone and the shoulder to cry on when you should be the lover. Well, no one ever said people were smart.

You dislike conflict -- you prefer to express yourself through action, not discussion -- but you know it is necessary. This means you are more likely to tackle an issue before it grows, but you're also more likely to stop fighting before the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. This isn't necessarily a bad thing -- it's kind of a nice compromise between fighting about everything and fighting about nothing -- but you have to remember to look out for your own interests sometimes.

You have a strong sexual appetite, but it seems so out of place with the rest of your persona that people find it hard to believe. Often they try to shield you from sexual content -- it's ridiculous, but you can use it to your advantage: everybody wants someone clean in the kitchen and dirty in the bedroom. That's you.

You don't want to cheat, but you might. Especially since it's only when you're in a relationship that you start getting the attention from your target sex that you should have been getting all along. Your experiences could make you misanthropic if you weren't so tenderhearted.

A lot of RSITs think they're RSYGs. They're not.

You'll end up with someone who deserves you in the end.

Of the 179871 people who have taken this quiz, 3.4 % are this type.

I lmao when I read all of that because it's SO me. Considering that I had to guess on some of the questions, I'm surprised it came out so accurately. How funny.

I caught up on government homework, which is nice, and I went over to Dad's for dinner and watched 50 First Dates with him since it was on HBO. Daddy and I have the same sense of humor, so it's really fun watching movies like that with him. We connect on that level in a way that my mom and I sometimes can't connect on. Dad and I will laugh about things that my mom thinks aren't okay to say (for instance, she really doesn't like Chris Rock and Daddy and I quote him all the time). I think of my parents, I will miss my father the most when I leave in a few months.

I can't believe it's only a few months. 75% of me is happy and thankful for that, and 25% is a little sorry it's over. There are a couple of people that are not going to FSU with me that I will really miss (you should know who you are) when I leave. Others, I'm excited to get away from. I think there's a big difference between distancing yourself and running away from something. I need to distance myself from a lot of people and situations at Gibbons. Some people are just bad reminders of bad situations and others are just on my last nerve. Gibbons has been good to me, though. I made a good choice when I decided to go there. I just wish some things hadn't changed. I used to be able to rely on the stability of some things, and now I no longer can.


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