A Wild Child (awriterswindow) wrote,
A Wild Child

Because you traded your life for mine

So I've done a lot today, if you ask me:

  • Drove dad to his apartment when he dropped off my car (he was borrowing it b/c his car is a real piece).

  • Watched Dawson's Creek over there for an hour (I just couldn't miss the whole solution to the Dawson/Joey cliffhanger from 4th season (the last season that's out). I found out that TBS was airing that episode, so I had to see it.

  • Took Scout's food back with me.

  • Fixed my SK application essay, and now I truly loooove it.

  • Met with Nancy about the project for an hour..unfortunately it has to be delayed another week due to scheduling conflicts with KID, but at least the problem is not my fault. Therefore, Owens and Coyle cannot be mad at me.

  • Listened to the Loudly Fernando and Dom CD loudly sent me. Oh my goodness, I really ♥ it. I downloaded all the songs to my iPod. I especially like "Trudy". That first line makes me laugh.

  • Put away laundry, etc.

  • And on and on. Now I'm waiting for Kim, Karen, and Karsen to come over. They're visiting me. :)

    Why do I think something is going on on the 23rd of this month? Does anyone know of anything...birthdays, school things, something? I want to go to Karsen and Karley's baptism, but I can't commit to it yet.

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