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It's like my own personal Ya Ya Sisterhood

Sometimes I'm foolish and I'm clumsy, but I've got friends that love me, and they know just where I stand. It's all a part of me; that's who I am.
-Jessica Andrews, "Who I Am"

Rach, Kat, Jen, and Andrea visited me today. Thank you again you guys...it really meant the world to me. It totally made my day. I feel so loved! I have the best friends ever, honestly. I knew that already, though. :)

I put a dent in my SK application. Damn, it's a lot of work. You have to type out all your academic, community service, and miscellaneous achievements. Then you have to explain each and every one of them, plus write an essay about your project, plus write a biography, plus tell them every class you have ever taken during your high school career, etc etc etc etc. I've typed out all my achievements and community service experiences and explained the academic ones. I wrote the essay, and I typed out all the classes I've ever done. I have to do this whole thing with support documents where I give them copies of awards and letters of recommendation and all this...I said that earlier, I think.

I get my stitches out tomorrow...praise the lord and pass the popcorn. ;) Honestly, I cannot wait. They itch like a mother. I am seriously going to ask Dr. Alperstein how many there are. I'm guessing 60 at least, but I could be way off. I got 7 in my toe about a year or so ago, and that was a fairly big scar, so I'm not sure how many it would take to do something like this. Some surgeons use a glue type thing and only do stitches in stress spots...lucky girls.

Rach (Quigs) thank you so much for calling! It was really thoughtful of you. Definitely call me next week about going to the movie.

Mrs. Loewe was sweet...she emailed me to see how I was doing. I didn't tell her what kind of surgery I had, just that I was having it. She'll see on Monday. ;)

Oh my goodness...does anyone have Burke for W.Euro Lit? I looked on edline...we had a quiz every day this week! Every day! And what is this whole thing about taking a half credit class with Sr. Janet on the first day of every week? That's crazy.

Fr. Alonso's edline page is so cute...he misspells a lot of stuff. Language barrier, I guess.

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