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Why Dorothy and Toto went over the rainbow to blow off Auntie Em...

I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn...and we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them, and we help them in return. Well, I don't know if I believe that's true...but I know I'm who I am today because I knew you. -Wicked

The grandparents are gone. As much hassle as it was, I'll miss them. They're good people...my favorites on my mom's side of the family (aside from Rachel).

Last night I went to Holly's birthday party and watched the boat parade with everyone: Holly, Rach, Jen, Kat, Mel, Drea...Brittany came later (and said that I hate everyone, but that's another story for another day). When Shaquille O'Neal's boat went by, he saw the banner hanging from the balcony that said, "Happy Birthday Holly!" on it, and he picks up his microphone and says, "Which one of you is Holly?" So Holly stands up and waves and he says, "Happy Birthday, Holly!" and everyone was clapping and cheering. It was SO COOL. How many people get to hear "Happy Birthday" from Shaq?

When the parade ended, we went inside and hung out for a few hours, talking. I got home around 1 am. I had a really nice time, and it seems like Holly had a good birthday, too. :)

My cousin Matt, my "aunt", and my "uncle" came over today to say goodbye to my grandparents. Matt brought his guitar since my grandparents haven't seen him play, and he played a couple of songs. He's really really good...and he's only 13. He's so grown up, too. He's tall and he has the deep voice and girls are all over him already (but it's always been that way...he's a cute kid)...it's crazy. I remember going to the hospital the day he was born, and now he's so grown up. And he's going into high school next year! I say these things and then I realize that I will soon be turning 18 and that I'll be going to FSU not long after that.

It kills me to look at him, though. There were so many years where the two of us were closer than close. Nine, to be exact. When he was born, I was there. When he graduated from kindergarten, I was there. When his mother and sister died, I was there. Then everything happened, and we both went through a big portion of our lives without each other. I went through high school, he went through middle school. I know it may not seem like a huge thing, but we've changed so much in four years of being apart from each other. I don't really feel what I used to feel toward him. I'm not mad at him- he never did anything. I just don't love him in the way I used to. I hate saying that. I wish that one day we could see each other and just be able to talk about what happened...that in some way everything could go back to the way it was before that day. I'm not so sure that it can. I guess I just have to know that I don't know what is going to happen in the future. For all I know, we could be close again one day.

I'm babysitting tonight...for ten kids. Am I crazy or something? I feel awful and cannot stop coughing. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow because I cannot figure out anything I can take that isn't against that whole list of things the surgeon doesn't want me to have. But you know what? They are paying me a lot of money because I'm sitting for so many kids...it's 2.5 hours max, and I'll walk away with at least $25. For two hours? Fine by me.

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