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'Cause when you're livin in America at the end of the millennium...

"Why does distance make us wise?"-Rent

Austin gave me the Rent cast recording for Christmas, and ever since I opened it it has not left my CD player. Thanks again, Austin. You rock and I love you...but you knew that. :) I'm giving you your gift tomorrow.

Forgive me for how random this is going to be:

My grandparents are here, which is good, but a lot of work. My mom is all stressed out because they're here, and who gets that stress taken out on them? Yeah. Me. My grandmother is a high maintenance person, and her Alzheimers just adds to that. Alzheimers is the most evil disease for me right now. It just breaks your heart to watch someone slowly be robbed of something that makes them who they are: their memories. I feel terrible for my grandfather, too. He's such a great person and he's been with my grandmother for 53 years. It has to hurt terribly to live with someone you love who has a disease you cannot cure, a problem you cannot solve.

Exams are okay. Comp was really hard for some reason. Math was iffy, too. I played "eenie meanie minie moe" a couple of times. Tomorrow they're over, and Christmas vacation begins. We have to go to Diana's wedding tomorrow, too, and I have to see my "uncle" and "aunt" (in quotations because they suck and they have done the unforgivable).

I saw Mick, Adam, and Michel at the Christmas party yesterday. Adam and Michel are so cute together. I'm so glad they're happy. Mick is awesome, as always. Taylor couldn't make it, but at least Mick was there. He gave me the most beautiful things for Christmas...two of these big clips for your hair in the shape of a butterfly...one is blue and the other is pink...and they have actual crystals on them. They're so pretty...I think I'm going to wear one when I go to Holly's party.

Somehow, everyone knew about my service project and was so supportive...donations are coming in like crazy. I was so worried about that part of this once, and now it's going so well. Hopefully the actual project will, too. Everyone knew about college, too, and they were very congratulatory. Speaking of college, congratulations to Erica for getting into Tisch...that's amazing! :)

The more people talk about college, the more excited I get. More than anything, I want to have a life that is mine. Here, almost everything I do always ends up being for someone else: every award, every project, every accomplishment. I just want to meet people and have new experiences. I really have to get working on my dorm applications so that I will have a place to live. I want to get into Reynolds...whether anyone else I know does or not. And I am so hoping for my own room, but it's okay if I don't get it. I'll live.

I have to go to the doctor in half an hour...meh.

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