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"I ask her if she wants to order dessert. She says no. I order pecan pie. It comes to the table; she asks for a bite. So I give her a bite, her face swells up like a chipmunk, and she goes, 'Oh my God, are there nuts in this?'"


"Mom, it was pecan pie."

-Keeping the Faith

Well, children, today has been fairly uneventful. Let's start from last night, though. I drove over to my dad's while listening to the new CDs I bought, went inside, and started dinner. I watched deleted scenes from Keeping the Faith, had dinner, watched Joan of Arcadia, watched about 20 minutes of the movie, and then talked to Courtney and Jon on the phone for the rest of the night. Nothing like catching up with good friends! ;)

Today I'm going to a movie and going shopping for tomorrow's picnic. Kat and Rach, I am bringing cheese and fruit...that kind of thing, but I'm going to buy soy cheese from Whole Foods as well as normal cheese. Hopefully you guys like that stuff. If not, we'll feed it to some pigeons. Rach, call me and tell me when I should meet you guys to follow you to the park.

I really should do some homework tonight.

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