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"Did he die when you were...you know?"
"No, Rory. That great man was not brought down by my vagina."
-Gilmore Girls

Great episode last night. Hysterical!

The VP debate was great as well. John Edwards is quite cute, I must say. I think he kicked serious ass.

My life is way too busy.

  • Went to class.

  • Lunch= fun but added stress with this friend ad we're putting in the yearbook that's due Friday or something. I'm supposed to find pictures. And pay 25 dollars.

  • Journalism after school...Loewe has a bug up her ass about this article. She was bugging me for it yesterday like it was way overdue. It's due Friday, and I gave her an article last Friday. I know I'm a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, but she's going to have to be patient. I know my Blood Drive article will keep the students on the edge of their seats, but these things take time.

  • I went to interview Mrs. Parr about the Blood Drives. I had to wait until she was done with all her NHS stuff and finished with giving people vocab tests and all that.

  • Once I left Parr, I went to my car and talked to Rach, Holly, and Kat for a little bit. I was explaining something to them and they kept looking at something behind me, and I was like, "What? What?" and kept turning around. A little later I was speaking again and they were looking at something else, and I said very loudly, "What are you STARING at?" It turned out to be this asshole teacher who was apparently behind me walking to his car, and he saw us. LOL.

  • I drove to the Red Room because I thought I was getting my eyebrows done..but it didn't work out so I left and went to Maggie's to walk her dogs.

  • Walked the dogs quickly; drove home.

  • Sent myself the email with the Kids In Distress letter attached to it.

  • Went to KID

  • Put my letter asking for donations for my KID project on KID letterhead, printed out 50 copies. I really think Nancy and Mandy(the receptionist) like me now. I always felt like they hated me. I guess if you come there enough and you're committed, they end up liking you.

  • Went to the post office 1 minute before it closed (no, I'm serious. I walked in and heard, "The post office will be closing in one minute. All those inside after 1 minute will be asked to leave, including people in the lobby.") to buy stamps for my letters.

  • Came home and my mom asked for all these favors for laundry and bs like that.

  • I have a ton of homework, plus a quiz and a test tomorrow, and I have a SK meeting. Fuck fuck fuck (excuse my language). I'm working hard, but I'm sure Casciato or someone else did a way better job and now the free world knows about their project and it's all fabulous and everything...so I'm just nervous. But whatever. It's not about SK anymore. It's about these kids. It really, truly is.


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    Oct. 6th, 2004 03:19 pm (UTC)
    how much do your yearbook ads cost? they're crazy expensive here... me and four other girls are getting a full page in color and we have to pay $68 each. Pretty steep!

    bug up her ass...that made me laugh out loud.
    Oct. 7th, 2004 06:49 pm (UTC)
    We have about 7 girls, I think...or maybe 8. Full page B&W is $25 a person...and we can't get color! So expensive.

    Hehe I love that phrase.
    Oct. 8th, 2004 03:17 am (UTC)
    wow, sounds like yours cost more than ours!
    Oct. 6th, 2004 05:44 pm (UTC)
    Everyone is swamped...
    We are all going to have nervous breakdowns together!!! Well, atleast you, me, and mel. John Edwards cute? hmmm...well I can't say I've seen him, so after I'm done typing this, I'm looking up a pic! I did not watch the debate. I've had enough of Politics! lol...Would it scare you if I told you i thought John Kerry was hot? I don't, seriously, but I just wanted to scare you for a sec! mua ha ha ha! anyways, good luck with the Silver Knight thing. Casiato is an asshole. Do you have to have a certain GPA and stuff to do the Silver Knights? I really admire what you are doing for KID and I wish I could do something like that for the Abandoned Pet Rescue...maybe over the summer or something! just thinking about it is giving me a headache! My first really big pay check that I get when I'm a Psychologist is going to them, i know that. But that is like going to be in 10 years!!!
    Oct. 7th, 2004 06:51 pm (UTC)
    Re: Everyone is swamped...
    LOL...I was raising my eyebrows at the computer screen at the John Kerry comment.

    For SK I think your GPA has to be fairly good and you have to have a commitment to service. Thanks for what you said...it means a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm not as good as the other nominees or something. :p

    <3 you!
    P.S. Let me know your email address so I can send you my book.
    Oct. 7th, 2004 01:08 pm (UTC)
    Wow, you sound busy :) We need to talk more, I feel like we keep losing touch ;; I love you though and I still always read your entries. Once again a huge congrats to you for getting into FSU, I'm so proud :)
    Oct. 7th, 2004 06:53 pm (UTC)
    Thank you! That means so much.

    I know we're losing touch. We've got to work on that...you're too important to me for us to lose track of each other! I love you, too. :) I need your phone number...never got it for my new phone.

    Ash *hugs*
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