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You have more waffles than a house of pancakes...

Tee hee...I love that song. Cue the intro!

Someone once said to me, 'I didn't like that place because no one reached out to me.' I said, 'Well, did you try reaching in?'"
~Jan Karon

If you love lists and you know it, clap your hands...*clap clap*

  • Tomorrow the sophomores and freshmen get to have a half day because they're taking some meaningless test...well, not meaningless, but you know...so I am officially jealous of those of you to which this applies. Karli, and, um, yeah...Karli...

  • My Spanish quiz on "a", "de", "en" and all those verbos was alright. I messed up on "quedar". Blah. But oh well. Hopefully I get a good grade.

  • After changing my essay topic a total of one million times, and after changing my first paragraph about one hundred times, I finally started my essay. It's due tomorrow. I ended up writing it on the culture of aggression in girls (so what if I stole that phrase from Rachel Simmons?) and how that carries over into adulthood and affects their careers (Justice, I thought of you while writing this). I'm almost done. Should be interesting. I would have chosen to do one of the sample topics-"What would your life be like if you were born the opposite gender, but were exactly the same otherwise?"- but then I remembered that one of my peers actually has to edit this and therefore read it, so I changed my mind. Interesting thing to think about, though. I just know I'd be a gay man. I still think I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body, but that's all right. LOL.

  • Lunch never fails to be interesting. A lot of us keep catching the same shows on television, so we discuss them. It's so much fun. Rachel and Meliss, you are missing out sitting on the wall like that. I know you both are too good for the rest of us ( :P), but I miss you!

  • Sometimes I love being the flying-under-the-radar kid in class, because then I get to see what's really going on. Mrs. Cunningham made the best decision possible when she made this kid who always misbehaves in class (and is basically an ass..ooh, that rhymes) her "assistant teacher". Now he doesn't misbehave, everything gets done, and it's actually kind of fun. I'm doing really well. I don't think he sees this as the behavioral tactic that it is, but thank goodness it works.

  • I forgot to mention yesterday that I got my first speeding ticket last afternoon. 24 mph in a school zone...not smart. I totally forgot, and when I remembered it was much too late. He let me off pretty easily, though. He wrote down that I didn't have proof of insurance, which is only a $7.50 fine instead of the actual charge of going over the speed limit in a school zone, which is about $100. $100 would mean I'd have to tell my parents and ask them for money, so I'm really grateful he did that.
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