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  • I'm kicking ass in Spanish right now...let's hope it gets me a B+ for the quarter.

  • I have my project letter finished for Kids in Distress..I'm going there to do a mass printout on Wednesday.

  • My math teacher told me that I've been doing really well in her class lately. She actually came up and said that. That's my worst class, so...

  • I think Will Smith is right...sometimes, parents just don't understand. It's not like when you think that because your parents were from a different generation that they don't understand. It is knowing that there are some things that they have never experienced and never will. I know it for an absolute fact. Obviously, this parent is my mom, because we always have the most trouble between us. I just hate how I'm talking about something that hurts me and she says, "It's so funny when kids say things when they're little and you just know they're going to change their mind. You used to say such and such when you were little. Now you know better. I knew you would." Well, screw you because you have no idea what it is like to live like this. NONE. I know you don't. I'd be able to see it. And no one knows what I'm talking about, but that's okay.

  • I need to write some poetry. Actually, I really need to do my mythology work, but that's what Channel One is for.

  • Check innerashley at some point tonight/tomorrow. A poem will be up there. Rach, tell me if I need/you want me to add you b/c otherwise you can't see it.
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