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And isn't it strange...

"I believe in a guiding light, but sometimes wonder if I’m just lost."

"As an artist, I am only overburdened by the drama I create, and I always appear less capable than I am because of it."
-Courtney White

It is incredible how you can know someone for 13 years and still be amazed by them. I loved your essay, Court (obviously). And of course, I love you.

I love my other friends as well, with special attention in this entry to my school friends. I have come to realize over the past couple of weeks how much I love and need certain people. I've felt for a long time that I didn't have any real friends within school walls, and the last six months or so have proved me wrong. Even if we are talking about HPV and our gynocologists at lunch...XD. Poor Mike had to sit through that, since he's the only boy until Bryan gets there. I'm really loving some of my little underclassmen (ha! I can say that now). I've been close to Austin for awhile now, but I'm starting to get to know the others better, which is nice.

I saw The Forgotten, which is the biggest adrenaline rush of a movie ever. I was gasping and jumping at parts. Very well done, though.

I am always tired lately. Doesn't matter when I go to bed.

I'm turning my grades around, which is good. Once you do that, you realize how small the problem actually was. I felt like I was failing when all it really was was a few bad quizzes. A+ on my math test, A on my spanish quiz, etc etc...and those are the two I was most concerned about.

Signing off...

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