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You know you love a good list...

  • They're processing my application for FSU...agh. Just tell me already! I swear, this has been the longest month ever. Guidance said we're supposed to find out by the end of next week. We better. I'm fairly positive I'll get in, but I just want to know. I just want to know that I have something to look forward to, and I want a piece of paper making it official.

  • I'm planning on kicking my parents' ass in Scrabble tonight. Then they will have to bow down and call me Queen of Milton Bradley because I rule.

  • I feel so incredibly stressed out, and the only reason I can think of is so small in retrospect. Not "there-are-starving-kids-in-Ethiopia" small, but "what-the-hell-does-this-matter?" small. Why do I continue to do things to please my mother?

  • Or maybe it's because I woke up to my mom yelling at me this morning. For something I had no control over.

  • Mick and Taylor were supposed to be here this weekend. F-ing hurricane.

  • On a positive note, I've been a lot better since I made a little change in my life.

  • I found more material for my bed collage...oh, and I found a bed that I love. (In case you don't know, I've had my bunk beds since I was 2, and I need a grown up bed).
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