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And he...really comes in handy...

ACK! Jon, I have "Sandy" from Annie in my head and it is all your fault.

*presses the livejournal "play" button*

"Can I keep you?" -Casper

I love that quote. I've always wondered what it meant, but it sounds beautiful even without knowing.

Much love to Blake, who is the sweetest thing ever. *hugs* I love you! You made my day.

*We watched Love Actually in Sociology today..yay. :)I'm all sentimental, so I got goosebumps the whole time. If you haven't seen it, rent it now...or I will EAT YOUR SOUL!!!!! (lol Jon).

*No comments from Mr. Davis in class today. We were taking a test, so...and I only did 6 paragraphs for an 8 paragraph essay on Adam Smith. What else can I SAY? I'm not sure I could write 8 paragraphs on my mother, never mind someone I don't even know. I researched him, but how much can I say about his economic principles without b.s.-ing it?

*Comp-wrote my essay on Keystone tonight...will turn it in tomorrow. Ah, shit. I just remembered that I was supposed to do questions in Longman Reader. Well, that's what channel one is for.

*Math- UGH. Test tomorrow, apparently. I have to teach myself the material. I hate my class, too. They're horrible. 99.9% of them.

*YAY for KITES tomorrow! I get to play with the babies at KID...the best thing EVER!

*Will my mom ever shut up about my SK project? She keeps bugging me. I think I might change it again...Nancy had a different idea that I think I could get started right away...got to find out more about it.

*You know, there is definitely something to making them work for it...*grins*

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