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Leavin' Las Vegas...

"I'm in bed with two pieces of wedding cake...are you jealous?"
"That depends."
"On what?"
"What are your plans for the frosting?"
-Sex and the City

Adam Smith is married. Not that any of you actually care or see this as incredible, because you don't know Adam. Wow, though.

My mom and I decorated their bedroom partly, then left for the wedding. We got there, and we see Adam standing with the priest in the lobby. He looked so nervous, but he looked awesome, too (something about good-looking men in tuxes...). I hugged him and wished him luck, then went inside. Mick and Taylor were there with Mason (the three of them were groomsmen), and they were very sweet (of all the compliments a girl can get, "sexy" is definitely one of the best...and you know a gay man won't steer you wrong!). We all hung out for awhile and talked until we were told to sit down. Fast forward to Michel walking down the aisle, Adam crying, Michel crying, everyone crying (except me, because I'm heartless like that...lol, half-kidding).

The ceremony was really beautiful. I thought the priest was weird...I don't know. He just went on for too damn long (which turned out to be cool...more on that in a second). The most beautiful part was the unity candle. Instead of the typical way (the bride and groom with one candle each), Michel's daughter and son had tapers as well, and the four of them lit the unity candle. Even I got teary-eyed, which is saying something. Adam has a family. It's incredible.

Anyway, the priest goes on for about a year, and you can just tell the two of them want to kiss and are waiting for it. When it seems like the priest isn't going to get to it, Adam made a decision. All of a sudden, Adam grabs Michel, dips her, and kisses her square on the mouth. It was perfect and priceless all at the same time. Everyone was screaming and clapping and laughing...and I yelled out, "That's my Adam!" Everyone else followed suit. I would hope my husband would do the same thing if it got too long-winded. It's really quite sexy ;).

Later on, Adam was asked to kiss the bride. Not that he needed permission, of course.

Pictures were taken, some of them with me in them. Mick (the best man) organized the whole thing and decided Adam definitely needed pictures of his extended family. The next shot was a Fairfield shot..all the gang from Palm Aire where my mother works. I was out of it until Mick insisted I come in, which was very sweet. It made sense to me later...I've always been considered one of the group even though I'm so much younger. I might as well be another adult in their eyes, which is a cool thing. It's great validation. They had to squeeze me in, so I ended up telling Mason to get behind me. He's way too funny. He put his arms around me from behind, and I laughed, and he says, "This could get hot." We start cracking up, and I say, "Well, what goes on in pictures taken in Vegas stays in Vegas..." And he laughed. He's a sweetheart, he really is. I worry about him, though. He has issues with alcohol. He's a functioning alcoholic, but still. I don't think Mason will make it for another ten years, and he's not old enough to make death a reasonable possibility.

All of us danced a little bit. The best was when "We Are Family" was played, and the words have never been more true. We made two parallel lines and took turns dancing through the center. Mick's speech was fantastic. I want to marry a man whom someone can talk about the way Mick talked about Adam.

We've decided that it's my turn next, since Mason won't get married again, Kerry will probably never get married (what a waste! The man is HOT), and Val definitely won't. Not for another 8 years or so, though. Got to finish off graduate school. ;) I'm going to be a doctor *beams* (PhD wise).

Okay...this is just the best part ever. My mom and I leave the reception early with Mick to finish decorating Adam and Michel's room. We're scattering rose petals all over the place, lighting candles...it was the most romantic and gorgeous room in all the world. Suddenly we get a phone call saying that they're in the building, so the three of us run out the door and towards the elevators. Suddenly, the elevator pings and Mick says, "Oh God, it's them!" By this time, the maid of honor is with us and we all decide to run like hell for the nearest room, which turns out to be the trash chute. A few minutes later, we find out that it's Kerry and Lindsay. We get out into the hallway with them when the elevator pings again and this time it's really Adam and Michel. We dash into the trash chute room again and wait for them. My mom is peeking out a crack in the door and saying, "Aww". Michel starts gushing about the rose petals in front of the door when Adam realizes he doesn't have a key to the room.

Adam: Do you have a key?
Michel: No. Don't you?
Adam: No.
Michel: Who can we call?

My mother has a key to their room, because she obviously needed one to decorate it. I give her the key, and almost as if she were on cue, she leaves the trash chute room holding the key and says, "You can call me." Maybe you had to be there, but it was SO PERFECT. It was like someone wrote the scene. One by one, the rest of us exited the trash chute and everyone is laughing. My mom ushered us out and to the elevators, where we went up to Maggie's room to hang out with everyone. The plan was that everyone was going out in about thirty minutes (well, not me...) to dance, etc...allowing time for the obvious post-wedding activities. I thought this was weird, but for more reasons that other people. I mean...you're going to go out after you have sex and everyone is going to know what you just did. I couldn't! I just couldn't. The other thing that everyone else agreed with me on is that the room was so beautiful, who'd want to leave? I'm sorry, but...I'd have better things to do than go out! We waited for them for quite awhile, and no one really wanted to go out because they were all too damn tired. It ended up that everyone went out except my mom, Kerry, and Lindsay.

That's the wedding! I'm home tomorrow night at 6...see you at school!

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