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Thought: If you lj-stalk someone, don't keep stealing their surveys. They'll find out. I bet.

First best friend: Court and Kim
First car: Infiniti j30 (I <3 it)
First real kiss: Oh you know who it was...I don't need to use his name.
First break-up: Did it count as a breakup? We weren't official...
First screen name: Ashkim
First self purchased album: I have no idea
First pets: Brandy, a dog (my poor thing...)
First piercing/tattoo: ears when I was five...and when I was 9...and when I was 10...
First credit card: haven't had one yet
First true love: I don't think one-sided love counts as "true"
First enemy: hmm...Michelle?
First musician you remember hearing in your house: I grew up on the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack, among other things.
Last cigarette: the 12th of Never

Last car ride: in our rental car from Paris
Last kiss: Real kiss? A month or so ago. But I kissed Adam last night.
Last cry: Umm...Tuesday.
Last library book checked out: O is for Outlaw or something like that...Sue Grafton
Last movie seen: Garden State
Last food consumed: hawaiian pizza
Last crush: he knows who he is
Last phone call: Jon
Last time showered: this afternoon
Last shoes worn: my brown sandals
Last cd played: Jason Mraz
Last item bought: pizza,lol
Last annoyance: a tie between my mom and feeling like my friendships are screwed up.
Last disappointment: I don't know...
Last time wanting to die: Let's not go there.
Last time scolded: my mother...probably sometime recently
Last shirt worn: my Fosse shirt
Last website visited: a livejournal
Last word you said: you
Last song you sang: some Wicked song

What is in your cd player?: Jason Mraz
What color socks are you wearing?: I don't wear socks except to school
What color of underwear are you wearing? blue. there, I said it.
What's under your bed?: the Boogie Man
What time did you wake up today?: 9:15

Where do you want to go?: To college? Tomorrow? WHAT?
What is your career going to be? I'll be a psychologist who writes
Where are you going to live?: I'll probably permanently settle in South Florida near where I live currently, but I want to live in New York for awhile.
How many kids do you want?: more than two, less than 5
What kind of car(s): something that drives well

Current mood: not totally depressed, but a little off
Current music: the music in my head
Current taste: didn't I answer this survey before? Oops.
Current hair: in a ponytail
Current clothes: my fosse shirt and pj shorts with the moons on them
Current annoyance(s): feeling slightly paranoid, being snipped at for things I didn't do, missing people...etc
Current longing: to be okay with what's going on friendship wise
Current desktop picture: a b&w pic of a dog
Current favorite artist: musical artist? Umm...I can't really pick. I'm really into Broadway stuff right now
Current book(s): Prime Times: Writers on their favorite TV shows
Current color of toenails: none
Current time-wasting wish: hm?

[get to know you]
@ Name: Ashley
@ Age: 17
@ Height: 5'4
@ Sign: cancer
@ Hair Color: brown
@ Eye Color: brown
@ Foot Size: 10
@ Heritage: cuban/italian
@ Birthplace: ft. lauderdale, fl

@ Pre-school: St. Mark's
@ Elementary School: St. Mark's
@ Middle School: St. Mark's (I was there a loooong time)
@ High School: Cardinal Gibbons
@ College: hopefully FSU!
@ Extracurricular Activity of Choice: well, if I actually liked drama this year...
@ Favorite Elementary School Memory: GRADUATION
@ Favorite High School Memory: hmm...definitely meeting Austin

[hygiene.. oh yea personal stuff]
@ Shower How Often?: every day
@ Morning or Night Showers?: morning
@ Brush Teeth How Often?: every day
@ Floss? (Don't lie!): who cares?
@ Shampoo Brand: herbal essences
@ Soap/Body Wash Brand: bath and body works
@ Lotion Brand: hmm...that jergens stuff
@ Face Wash Brand: neutrogena
@ Toothbrush Color: blue and clear
@ Body Spray: none

[love, hate, rejection, and all the fun stuff.]
@ Define Love: Love is something that is not just meant for romance, but for friends and family as well. It is selfless. It is giving and patient and kind. It is all about the other person. Really, it's not able to be defined
@ Have you ever mistaken love for lust? no
@ Are you in love? With who?: With no one, that's who
@ If yes, are you sure it's love? Or is it just strong like?: lol...this cracks me up
@ If no, have you ever been in love?: It was one-sided, but I still call it love.
@ What happened?: *sigh* Most people reading this know, and I don't feel like talking about it. I will say that it was for the best, because now I see how he really is.
@ Have you ever been used?: I am seriously laughing my ass off. What a great question to ask after the "love" question! Let's just say that I have, a lot, but some of the worst cases were from that person that I loved. Only he doesn't think he used me.
@ What happened and why?: We won't go there.
@ Have you ever used someone?: To an extent, but never in a relationship.
@ What happened and why?: You're mighty nosy, now aren't you?
@ Biggest disappointment (relationship/girl/guy-wise): Finding out that, obviously, the person was not who I thought he was. I had so much faith in him, more than he did himself, and in the end I found out that he was just as bad as he said he was.
@ Why?: I'm feeling so open right now that I'll tell you. Because that was the last time I was happy: really, truly happy.
@ First Kiss?: it was a theater thing, but same guy for the real one too. Great memory, though. That should be under the "best HS memory". I'm being serious.
@ Most Memorable Kiss?: hmm...I don't know. All the ones I've gotten (and they aren't all that many) were memorable in their own way.
@ PDA Fan?: To a point, but not really, no. It can get excessive, and that's not me.
@ Ever been dumped?: Does it count as dumped if he wasn't really my boyfriend?
@ Ever dumped?: Nope
@ Worst kisser: *laughs* I don't know his name...lol.
@ Worst hugger: Anyone who hugs me like I might break (or break them).
@ Best kisser: *smiles* He knows. I just won't give him the satisfaction.
@ Best hugger: Adam, definitely! He picks me up and everything, hehe.
@ Are you friends with any of your exes?: I don't have any...he wasn't really my boyfriend. But no, I'm not friends with him.
@ Nicest romantic thing done for you: hmm..nothing? But some really awesome stuff has been done for me out of love...so thank you to those people.

[random questions because i'm done with catagorizing]
@ What are you doing?: what do you think?
@ What do you want to do with your life? be happy and successful
@ One Naughty Secret: I only tell one person those kinds of things.
@ One Silly Secret: I ate playdough in Kindergarten once or twice...the homemade kind? It was good! lol.
@ One Bad Habit: biting my nails
@ One Bad Personality Trait: I don't trust people for the most part
@ One Good Habit: ummm...I don't know! I try to be nice.
@ One Good Personality Trait: I can give good advice.
@ One Natural Talent: writing
@ One Acquired Talent: needlepointing
@ Thing you want to do once in your life: get married
@ Thing you will never do in your life: live with my mother when I'm in my 20's.
@ Where do you want to travel to? different places in the US, France, Italy
@ Where will you never go?: Africa (they have a lot of political shit going on there right now)
@ What do people not get about you?: I'm really not easy to read. Even my mother admits that this is true, so it must be accurate.
@ What do you need right now?: Help.
@ What do you have right now?: a lot of blessings...and anxiety

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