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School spirit and my lack of it

"Some people walk in the rain. Others just get wet." -Roger Miller

My mom was out until I-don't-know-when at the bachelorette party last night, so she's not up yet. I am sitting here, having read everybody's livejournal and commented accordingly, bored out of my skull. However, some lj-stalking has brought up some important points.

First of all...Homecoming. Is anyone from school going to this? I personally don't care about missing it. I've gone for three years, and every year it gets more and more depressing. I don't usually talk about the lack of a boyfriend (or at least I don't in here...I don't think), but that's pretty much the reason why I'm not going. I'm sorry, but it gets really depressing sitting there during all the slow songs, watching the couples. Usually I'm hoping that a certain *someone*, whomever that someone may be, will dance with me, but this year I don't even have that because I don't like anyone (seriously). Plus it's in two weeks...why that matters, I don't know, but it makes sense to me. I kind of told Andrea that I was going, though...because she invited me to be in the limo with everyone. Mmm...I may have to tell her next week that I'm just not going.

I keep thinking about prom (MONTHS away, I know). I haven't wanted to go yet. I thought about it last year when I thought about all the senior things I'd get to do this year, and I didn't really want to go then, either. My mom will be sooo sad, but I don't care. I might change my mind between now and then, but for now, it's a no.

Can you imagine my kids when I tell them I never went to my prom? They will think that I am such a loser (but that's their prerogative). It's so crazy. I have no school spirit whatsoever. I have a lot of pride in my class (I mean, it's way too cool to stand up and go crazy when the class president runs around and goes, "Let's hear it for the SENIORS!" and everyone has to at least pretend to respect you because you're older than they are and you've been around longer than they have, and, let's face it, their class basically sucks compared to yours)(lol...only half-kidding, my little underclassmen). I've never been to a homecoming game, and the only reason I've ever gone to any CGHS sporting events at all was for the purpose of seeing a guy I liked (twice), and the fact that it was part of a birthday party (once). I never went to any Welcome Week activities, and only to one of the talent shows during Homecoming Week (because I was writing the article on it, I think).

Don't get me wrong, I love my school. I think that m-wing (or what was m-wing...is this whole "a-winger" thing making anyone else sad? It seems like there's no m-wing anymore and it totally makes me sad) is awesome and so are the majority of kids involved in it. I love a lot of the teachers and think it's great how so many alumni come back to be part of the staff. All the traditions that are exclusive to our school are so much fun. What it is, I suppose, is that I don't have a lot of Redskin pride. Is it possible to love your school but not love your mascot and what it represents? I'm not into athletics unless I'm playing a sport myself. Let's be honest, I'm not a social person, period.

I've never actually cared about the majority of these things, but now I wonder if that means I screwed up my high school experience. I don't think so, because I've done a lot and pretty much accomplished everything I've set out to do in high school (except for two things: winning the journalism award again as a senior [I don't think anyone has ever done that], and graduating). I guess the reason I think about this is that I hear the teachers encouraging their students to participate in these kinds of events that I normally do not bother to attend, and they feel that this defines "making the most" of one's high school experience. Does it?

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