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Happy 17th Birthdayness to the Justiceness!

1.First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Miller (I loved her!)
2. Last person you kissed: I am so ashamed to tell you that I don't know his name. *holds up the Girl Scout Promise fingers* I will never randomly hook up with a guy again, I swear! First and last time...
3. Last word you said: Go
4. Last song you sang: "People"-Barbara Streisand (as a joke...)
5. Last person you hugged: my mom
6. Last thing you laughed at: my mom
7. Last time you said 'I love you': to my mom (hehe)
8. What's in your CD player: your mom..I mean, Avril Lavigne
9. What socks are you wearing: I don't wear socks except to school.
10. What's under your bed: a rubbermaid container full of books and magazines. And maybe those shoes I'm missing...
12. Current taste: I don't know!
13. Current hair style: Ponytail
14. Current clothes: t-shirt and pajama shorts
15. Annoyance: When people spell "comfy", "cumfy" (OH MY GOD STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!), my back hurting.
16. Current longing: For certain people to be okay
17. Current desktop picture: A black and white picture of a lab (so cute)
18. Current worry: Hurricane Ivan, some friends
19. Current hate: I try not to hate. But I dislike a fair number of things. Back pain, double standards
20. Story behind your live journal username: I just kind of thought it up...it made sense, you know? My journal is a writer's window.
21. Current favorite article of clothing: anything comfortable when I'm not around people, and my jean capris or my jean shorts with a nice top when I am...and I truly <3 my "Yeah, they're real." shirt.
22. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: eyes, smile, hands
23. Last CD that you bought: Avril Lavigne's new one
24. Favorite place to be: with certain people (if I name them, I get in trouble, but let's just say people who change my radio stations and hug me in my car...and people who give too many chocolate chip cookies to the boy's counselors b/c they're cute)
25. Least favorite place: the doctor's office
26. Time you wake up in the morning: 6:20 on weekdays, 5:45 on weekdays that I go to the gym, 10-11ish on weekends
27. If you could play an instrument, what would it be: piano or guitar.
28. Believe in an afterlife: I think so. If there's a heaven, it's whatever each person wants it to be. Everyone has their own heaven, and some heavens connect (like in The Lovely Bones)
29. Current favorite word/saying: "Oh my God...you will not believe what I just did..." (hehehe Jon)
30. Favorite book: Are you kidding me? This is like asking a foodie to pick their favorite food, JUST ONE. Gosh...umm...Dry by Augusten Burroughs, Rachel's Tears by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo, any HPotter books, any of the Mitford series, anything by Sue Grafton, the Pants books by Ann Brashares, etc etc etc etc etc
34. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Hmm...Samantha Todd.
35. Favorite day: Of what? The week? The year?
36. Where do you want to go: To college? In your life? COMPLETE THE QUESTION!!!
37. What is your career going to be like: Psychologist, and I want to publish novels
38. How many kids do you want: More than one, less than 5.
39. What kind of truck will you have: Who says I'm getting a truck?
40. Type a line you remember from any book: "Words, words, words." -Hamlet
41. A random lyric: And we'll accept the things we cannot avoid for now...but only for now...(guess where?)
42. Eye Color: brown
43. Hair Color: brown
44. Righty or Lefty: lefty
45. Zodiac Sign: cancer
46. Innie or Outtie: innie

47. Your heritage: Cuban/Italian
48. The shoes you wore today: my sneakers for school
49. Your hair: I need to get it cut...but it's curly and brown
50. Your weakness: oh, if you only knew...
51. Your fears: spiders, things jumping out of places, just to name a few
51. Your perfect pizza: Lucarella's cheese pizza (even the grease is good, I swear)
52. One thing you'd like to achieve: true happiness

53. Your most overused phrase on aim: lol
54. Your thoughts first waking up: ugh
55. The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: eyes and body type (but not in a judgemental way)
56. Your bedtime: 11 ish, 12 ish
57. Your most missed memory: too personal (and no, it's not about HIM)
58. Pepsi or coke: coke...diet.
59. McDonald's or Burger King: UGH! NEITHER! After all I heard about what's in that stuff today...
60. Single or group dates: single first, then group (group seems to be 2 couples or more going to the movies and making out in the dark with their boyfriend/girlfriend...I'm sorry but I would rather do that ALONE first before I sit in the dark being elbowed by the couple next to me)
61. Adidas or nike: do I care? no.
62. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: again, do I care?
63. Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
64. Cappuccino or coffee: eww
65. Smoke: no way, and I won't date anyone who does
66. Cuss: *giggles* Me? Curse? Never...I really hate when people make me feel bad about it, though. I'm not usually terrible about it unless I'm really angry about something.
67. Sing: This makes no sense. It's like fill in the blank. What is...sing? Okay, well, I like to sing when no one is around.
68. Take a shower everyday: yes
69. Have a crush: I don't know
70. Who is he: Like I'd tell you
71. Think you've been in love: Yes
72. Want to go to college: No way! Are you kidding? I was planning on sending away for a PhD.
73. Like high school: It's okay.
74. Want to get married: Eventually
75. Type with your fingers on the right keys: I resent that...it's "right" for me, now isn't it? ;)
76. Think you're attractive: *raises eyebrows* I don't know. I'm not scary.
77. Think you're a health freak: No. I'm normal.
18. Get along with ur parents: That's debatable.
79. Play an instrument: Some piano

80. Drink alcohol: Not really. A sip or so. I don't drink.
81. Smoke: no
82. Done a drug: nothing illegal...
83. Made Out: yes
84. Gone on a date: no
85. Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
86. Eaten sushi: yes
87. Been dumped: nope
88. Made homemade cookies: yes
89. Been in love: no
90. Gone skinny dipping: *giggles* Oh, that's for me to know and you to find out.
91. Dyed your hair: no...never
92. Stolen anything: no. But you know, four months ago...

93. Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No, and I don't plan to be.
94. Been caught "doing something": Well, sort of.
95. Been called a tease: Yep. *giggles* Couple times.
96. Gotten beaten up: Nah
97. Changed who you were to fit in: Nope...thank God.

98. my name is: Ashley
99. height: 5’4''
100. favorite toe: What?
101. in the morning i am? Tired
102. all i need is: love and the basic necessities

104. if i could see one person right now: I can't pick just one!
105. i dream about: oh lord

108. been in love: jeez...you won't let up on this question, now will you? Yes, okay? And I know everyone seems to think you have to fit some kind of criteria to call it love, but on my end it was.
109. cried when someone died: Yes. But never at a funeral.
110. lied: Me? Lie? No. Never.

111. flowers or candy: a letter
112. tall or short: as long as he's my height or taller, we're cool.

113. last person u slow danced with: my godfather, hehe

114. makes you laugh the most: Austin and Jon
115. makes you smile: Court, Justice, Kira, Steph's lj
116. gives you a funny feeling when you see them: Hahahahaha...no.
117. do you have a crush on: Haven't you asked me this?
118. has a crush on you: That's for me to know...
119. easiest to talk to: Most of my friends.

120. sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?:I have a life...
121. save aol/aim conversations: Some
123. wish u were a member of the opposite sex: No.
124. cry because of someone saying something to you: on occasion

MORE Have You Evers...
125. fallen for your best friend: Nah...the best friend part happened after. And it wasn't love or anything, just a crush.
126. been rejected?: Sure.
27. rejected someone: Yes.
128. used someone: Don't we all?
129. been cheated on: Yes. Jon, you adulterous bastard. (You know I love you...even if you aren't monogamous...)
130. cheated on someone: Well, on Jon. Just to get back at him.
131. done something u regret: This is inane.

132. you talked to on the phone: My dad
133. hugged: my mom (AND YOU ASKED THIS ALREADY!)
134. you instant messaged: Jon
135. instant messaged you: Mike
136. you laughed with: Austin

Do You...
137. color your hair: No
138. ever get off the computer: Not when I'm answering THE SAME QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER!!!!
139. habla espanol: Claro que si!

Do You/Are You...
140. smoke weed: Yeah, man. *giggles* Nah. I wouldn't touch it.
142. could u live without the computer: I could, but the question is, do I want to?
143. how many people are on ur buddylist: 39, and I talk to pretty much all of them, which is more than I can say for some people
144. what's your favorite food: benihana's fried rice, tuna sushi, Maggie Moo's, Jamba Juice
145. whats your favorite fruit: strawberries
146. drink alcohol: nah
147. like watching sunrises or sunset: sunset...sunrises are too damn early
148. what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain: both together
149. trust others way too easily: Nah, I'm pretty skeptical. Trust is earned, and I expect people to expect me to earn theirs, too.

Hmm...well, my mom doesn't want me to go to school tomorrow so I can run errands before we fly to Vegas at 6. Fine by me.

Today was pretty good, except for Economics. Mr. Davis, you know nothing about the situation in Cuba, okay? So why don't you just shut up. He had the...guts...to say that Fidel Castro was "successful". Let me tell you something, Mr. Davis. Fidel Castro is successful at ruining the lives of his people. Fidel Castro is successful at being a horrible person. Fidel Castro is successful at forever changing the lives of anyone who lived in Cuba during his reign. That's what he's successful at. And let me tell you something else. Cuba may look nice and have nice hotels and such, but the people who live there DON'T GET TO STAY IN THEM because Castro is such an asshole. And finally, Mr. Davis (even though you're not reading this), you don't know about Cuba. I don't know about Cuba either, but I know a hell of a lot more than you because my mother has been through more than you could ever imagine because of that "successful" dictator. So have my grandparents and my great aunts and uncles and my cousins.

My blood ran cold when he started talking about Castro in ANY KIND of a positive light. You. Don't. Know.

Oh, and in math I left class to go to the bathroom and tried to open the door on the way back and it got stuck, so when she let me back in I was like, "Sorry," and I was so mortified...and people laughed at me and I saw this one guy (who's a bastard anyway) making fun of me.
Look, kid. Let me tell you something. I may be the girl with the frizzy hair and the weird pins on her backpack right now, but when I come back in ten years I'm going to be the gorgeous girl with the successful career, and you'll be working at Mc Donald's. And if you're not, you'll be at a good job not because you deserved it, but because of the Good Ol' Boys Network. Fuck. You.

But other than all of that...it was good. *giggles*
Seriously. I got some things done, got Justice this perfect birthday card that is not a birthday card and a birthday present, which I am sending out tomorrow...found some great quotes, had a good dinner, and I'm feeling better now that college apps are over, so...it's all good at the moment.

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." -Omar Khayyau

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