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I know...put my earmuffs on the cookie

10 Random Facts about me
10. I have a small birthmark on the inside of my left arm in the shape of a butterfly, which is fitting b/c I love butterflies.
09. I don't think Johnny Depp is cute. I think he needs a bath...with his clothes on.
08. Guys who are all insecure about themselves/ think they're totally messed up when they're not turn me off...I don't want to "save" you, I want you to grow up.
07. But guys who play piano or guitar are totally sexy...
06. I love to perform, even though it makes me nervous. It is the biggest and best high ever.
05. I make up nicknames for pretty much everyone in my life, and most people don't know what they are and never will (bwahahaaha).
04. I get goosebumps from the most random things.
03. I'm a huge theatre snob (ditto, Erin!).
02. I'm scared of taking risks...because I'm not guaranteed perfection. (New discovery, actually)
01. I'm a grammar Hitler, but I can't spell "restaurant"...

9 Places I've Visited
09. Las Vegas, Nevada
08. Maui, Hawaii
07. Greenwich, Connecticut
06. London, England
05. Paradise Island, Bahamas
04. New York City, NY
03. Long Branch, NJ
02. Brevard, NC
01. Arizona (for a brief second while visting the Hoover Dam in Nevada)

8. Things I want to do before I die
08. Perform and not give a damn what anyone thinks...totally belt a song out and let go.
07. Fall in love...hardcore.
06. Be pregnant and love it...it's such a gorgeous thing
05. Publish a novel
04. Live in NY
03. Go dancing, but not club dancing. The classy kind of dancing with a jazz band or something playing in the background. The kind of thing you'd see in an old movie or on Sex and the City
02. Find the short red dress I've had in my mind for ten million years.
01. Find the one person who will love me for what I am, despite what I'm not.

7 Ways to win my heart
07. Kiss me out of the blue.
06. Ask me fun but bizarre questions like I ask you.
05. Be yourself...be original!
04. Have faith in me.
03. Respect my opinions even if you disagree with them.
02. Write me a sweet note or letter. (or just write something worth reading!)
01. Unconditionally love me (tall order, I know).
(and loving Broadway stuff wouldn't be so bad, either!)
6 Things I believe in
06. God and the power of prayer
05. Certain people
04. Karma is a boomerang...it is going to come back and bite you in the ass.
03. Love
02. In some way, shape, or form, however small, everyone wants to know what's in it for them. And everyone is somewhat hypocritical.
01. The internet is so for porn. *laughs*

5 Things I'm afraid of
05. Big spiders
04. Things popping out at me from nowhere.
03. Being alone forever
02. Not being able to have a baby (not that adoption is bad...guys just don't understand)
01. Being abducted/murdered/ raped. (hey, you asked!)

4 Of my Favorite Items in my bedroom
04. My collages surrounding my bed. If a guy came into my room and looked at it and really understood it and said, "How awesome is this!", I would probably turn my life upside down and marry him.
03. The mosaic cross I made
02. My books
01. My little angel things...how do I explain them? They're...ceramic, I think, but not shiny...and they have no faces on them...and they all are the angel of something...one of them is holding a toddler and the other is holding a puppy that looks like my dog (I think, but it has no face, so...)

3 Things I do everyday
03. brush my teeth
02. breathe
01. write in some way

2 Things I am trying not to do right now
02. Get sick
01. Worry

1 Person I want to see right now
01. Oh no...I'm not going there. If I don't mention someone, the sky will fall down and everyone will hate me (no, not really, but people will get pissy).

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