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And all the dreams sing their song

"The greatest human psychological need is to be heard." -Unknown

How true is that? When you feel like you're not listened to, don't you feel like you can't breathe? I do. Every single time. There are specific times where I feel like I'm not heard, like journalism class. I feel like my teacher talks over me.

Today we finally got to leave the house (*cue hallelujah chorus*) and go out to eat. We bought some stuff for the house, too, so yay. Then we came home again, and my parents demanded a rematch because I beat them both in Scrabble yesterday. Well, I am proud to say I beat them again today. *grins* I feel like such a loser sometimes (*cue "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret*), so that victory really felt good. They were so sad, lol. My mom told her friend Maggie that I beat them and Maggie said, "Did you let her win?" My mom was like, "What? She's not 6!"

I watched Kissing Jessica Stein tonight for the first time. LOVE IT.

Hopefully tomorrow I can drive again...

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