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All the things I learned about a boy...

"No man is an island."
"I am so an island! I'm bloody Ibiza!" -About a Boy

I am very slowly going mad. I am in a house with my divorced parents, who happen to be "friends". Lucky me in most cases, but now it's just...it's just weird. I can't leave this house, and I haven't been outside all day. It's killing me. I'm filled with anxiety: it's like this big weight is sitting on my chest. I am extremely grateful that all that has been knocked out so far is the cable t.v. I can live with that. Sure, I'd prefer to be watching Degrassi and RFR all night, but at least we're not sweating without air conditioning, sitting in the dark, eating canned food. It could be so much worse.

I was about 5 during Hurricane Andrew, and I remember being in the car while my mother drove us to Cocoa Beach to evacuate. I'd look at the houses and see the "x" marks in duct tape on the windows. Somewhere along the line those "x's" in tape came to remind me of the Bible story where the Isrealites put the "x" in blood on their doors to be spared (Passover). It always kind of seemed to me like the tape "x's" served the same purpose; that they seemed to say, "pass over us". It looks like we will be passed over for the most part, and I'm greatful for that.

I have learned a valuable lesson: never wish for a week off from school, because you just might get it and have to spend it all inside.

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