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But you and I defying gravity...

God, I love Wicked. Aaaaanyway. This next thing is inspired by the Fabulous Fi, who posted a simple question, "Who are you?" on her livejournal the other day. And so:

I am: a people-watcher.

And I'm going to put one of those in every day and change it. You all have Fi (who recently discovered the meaning of life) to thank for that.

Hmm...nothing hugely interesting to report today. I walked around school this morning with Fi and Austin (which is an auspicious beginning to anyone's day). I suppose I should say, "walked around school aimlessly with Fi and Austin", because if walking up the stairs, going down the hall, and going down the stairs again isn't considered aimless, I don't know what is. On that trip someone opened the door and slammed the doorknob into my hipbone. Such fun. Saw and talked to Karli, who I don't usually get to see. :) I got new glasses (huzzah), so you'll see them tomorrow if you're lucky enough to go to school with me (hah).

Anyone else seeing Barefoot in the Park this weekend?

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