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After the last entry, I decided to write another directly after.

Someone told me this week that they were wondering what I'm like outside of school. It made me think even more than I previously have about two things:
a) What do people actually think of me inside of school?
b) Do they actually think I'm that girl outside of school?

I kind of feel like I'm this defensive, sarcastic, "I-will-kick-your-ass-if-you-say-that-again" kind of person inside of school. I can see how this would make me a bitch. *shrugs* I own that. I suppose I feel that the people worth my time (and who feel that I am worth theirs), will attempt conversation with me (real conversation, not "I can't BELIEVE she got that part!" conversation) and get to know who I really am any why I act like that. I'm nice, I promise!

I just feel like if I'm at all philosophical (apart from those "deep" comments I can't help but say), people either think I'm strange or don't understand. If I say something really nice to someone, half the time they don't even care, which really kills me. It's not that I do it for them to care, but it kind of stings when people don't.

I don't care if everyone likes me. I just want the right people to care. I don't want good people to pass me up as a friend because they think I'm something that I'm really not.

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