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Fantasies Come True

"But somehow I can't shake the feeling I might make a difference to the human race." -Avenue Q

Tonight was one of the best experiences of my life. No, it did not involve a very naked Hugh Jackman. Or John Corbett. Or both...


I saw Avenue Q. First of all, the play is incredible. I am obsessed with the CD. So obsessed, I have 2 copies because my first one got a little messed up and I couldn't bear to have skipping during "My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada". I know every word to every song, including speaking parts, which made Jon laugh when he found this out. His suggestion was that I should push Stephanie D'Abruzzo (also known as Kate Monster, Lucy the Slut, etc in the show) off of the stage and take her place.

The show is so funny, even the jokes I'd already heard on the CD were in a new light. It is amazing what these people do with puppets. Amazing. The things they can make them do are just incredible (and yes, they do have sex). I laughed my ass off, along with the rest of the audience.

It was afterward, however, that really was fantastic. We exited the Golden Theater and I went directly to the spot where I could buy t-shirts, etc. My paycheck is sooooo gone, but it was so worth it. I bought 2 shirts. One of them says, "It sucks to be me" and the other one says, "Yeah, they're real." The latter, according to my mother's instructions, is never to be worn at any CGHS function, including weekend drama practices. I'll wear the other two (my dad got me one when he saw the show a week ago), then. :-p My mom got me a program and a pin (to add to the collection on my denim bag), and got a mousepad with Trekkie Monster on it that says, "The Internet Is For Porn".

I stood outside the stage door in a front row spot, waiting for the actors to leave, Sharpie in hand and program at the ready. When Jordan Gelber (Brian to Q fans) came out, I was ecstatic. I got his autograph and listened to him talk to the other people. He said, "Sure" once and I wanted to say, "You sound JUST LIKE THE CD!!!!!!!!!" I am that dorky, and I own it. After that I got Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Ann Harada, Barrett Foa (John Tartaglia's understudy), Rick Lyon (who is not only in the show, but is the designer of the puppets for it), and Jennifer Barnhart. Let me reiterate that I am truly a gay man trapped in the body of a seventeen-year-old girl because Barrett Foa is SO FUCKING HOT. Oh my God. I swear, what is it with the gay guys being so fine? This other girl turned to me while we were waiting for him to come around to us and we talked about how incredibly cute he is. I got a picture with him, and one with Jennifer Barnhart later on. My mom took pictures of all the other actors as well. When we found out that Natalie Venetia Belcon (aka Gary Coleman) fled the theater to avoid the fans, we left. But not before I bought a poster of Kate Monster's face that says, "Slightly overweight puppet seeking soulmate" on it. I am so cheap usually that it was so worth it to do this for my favorite musical ever.

As those who know me well understand, I believe you can learn something from every experience. There is not always meaning in everything that happens, but there are definitely a lot of discoveries and object lessons.

First of all, I never realized how much of a "Kate Monster" I actually am. It's hard to tell exactly what she's like from the CD, but when you see the play you find out that she is this ultra conservative, hard-working, dorky, self-conscious girl (um, monster girl) who is surprised that a guy would even want to be her boyfriend. A lot of that is hard, but I think the thing to do is to accept your inner Kate and wait till the real thing comes along.

The other thing I realized is that in theater acting, it takes all kinds.


"You've gotta go after the things you want while you're still in your prime." -Kate Monster

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