December 18th, 2004

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*cough* *cough* *die* part 2

I hate being sick. Ugh...

I did, however, get out of going to Lake Okeechobee with my parents, grandparents, distant cousins, "uncle" and Matt, so...

The wedding was fun last night. Diana looked gorgeous. It was the first Christian/Jewish wedding I've ever been to, and it was pretty cool. I didn't like the priest or the rabbi, though. They were SO WEIRD. The priest acted like a therapist, and the rabbi kept talking about the rings together made an 8 and the 8 symbolizes God and something about 26 and 13 and 8 again...I honestly thought he was going to follow that up with, "Now, Karen has 3 packages of chicken at 4 pounds a package. She is throwing a dinner party for 10 people...does she have enough chicken to make chicken pot pie?"

We had to sit with my "aunt" and "uncle", who would like to pretend that nothing bad (you know, like throwing me and my mom out of their house in the rain after a Jerry Springer-style argument) ever happened between us. Since I had to sit next to my "uncle", I felt I had no choice but to play along...but I drew the line at dancing with my "uncle", which my "aunt" tried to get me to do.

We got home at 1:30 in the morning (okay, what is it with the late wedding?), and Scout kept waking me up at 8 and 9, so I finally got up. I feel like hell, though. I have a cough and I just feel awful. Blah. So I'm going to go and get presents for some people who will be at Holly's party tonight, as well as Holly's present, and I may go see a movie...I'm anxious to see A Series of Unfortunate Events.
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