October 2nd, 2004

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Just between you and me, I've got something to say...

"Confession is the road to healing. Forgiveness is the promised land." -D.C. Talk

I'm at my mom's house for a little bit. I got up at 8:30 (!) this morning entirely by accident. I made breakfast and did Pilates (Mari Winsor really talks about people's "tushies" a lot), took a shower, got dressed, and came over here. Today has been filled with old furniture going out and new furniture coming in. It's looking really nice in here. I'm glad for my mom. She's really working hard to change the house so that she can be proud of it.

I really want the mailman to come so I can intercept the mail if necessary. Hopefully I didn't get an interim. If I did, it's going straight into my bag and from there into the garbage. Boo, grades. I need to do extra credit for Economics. I have a decent grade in there, but I'm being a perfectionist. It's so strange. I go back and forth between thinking that it doesn't matter what my GPA is as long as the grades are good (B's & A's), and calculating possible GPA scenarios like mad.

My mom said that if I get the 100% scholarship from Bright Futures, she'll be willing to pay for a single room if I can get one. How much would I love that? I'm sorry, but I don't want to share. I've been the only child all my life, and the idea of always having to lock up my stuff so that someone won't steal it (because I trust people like that) bothers me. If I get one, all my FSU people can hang out in my room! w00t, party at my house. :p I think the second-best option is trying to room with someone I know from school and won't potentially murder and stuff in the communal bathroom. In a perfect world, Rach, Katie, me, Mike, Andrea, etc would all be in the same dorm. I'm worried I'll lose them and that we'll forget all about each other when this thing really happens. I know I'll make other friends (I have to find a boyfriend someplace!), but I really have come to love them. It'll be okay, though. On to the next great adventure!
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