September 30th, 2004

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He gave me monologues by two gay playwrights. Got a problem with that?

*smiles at the title* And no, I didn't say it.

My mom gave me a crimson pillow last night with the FSU mascot thingie (w/e you call it) on it that she got at Linens N Things. It says, "Florida State University". I am uber-excited. We all talked about it at lunch yesterday, and I think we'll probably stick together to a certain degree (Rachel, me, Katie, Mike, Andrea, Holly if she goes, etc). Of course we'll make new friends, but I have come to realize that there are people I cannot live without. I was so heartbroken last year looking at Mike being his crazy self or listening to Melissa's theories ;) thinking about how eventually I would be without that. Meliss, you have to send me letters or something. :) The next challenge is getting into the theater program. I want it SO BAD I can't even tell you. Court found me a monologue coach who sounds awesome, so I'm going to talk to him some more.

I love how, when you love someone and they love you, fights don't last very long. Suddenly you look at each other and start laughing about something, and everything is okay.

I found out yesterday that I have one of the two A's in my Comp 3 w00t w00t. As for my Keystone descriptive essay, I promised Rach I would post it, so it's under a cut. I got an A+ on it, so I guess it's good. :)

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I have my KID meeting tonight (yay Court!), which is at 6 when I thought it was at 7...oops. But I live really close to KID so it's all good.

Austin- huge hugs from you are the best, even if I have to sort of guilt you into doing it. ;) Hehehe.
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feet butterfly

It was late in September, but I'd seen you before...

Go John Kerry for kicking ass in the first presidential debate! George "Dubya" Bush annoyed the hell out of me by talking about "winning" the war on terror (or, as he says, "terra"). Did he or did he not say a few weeks ago that this war was not something we could win? Suddenly it was flying out of his mouth every five seconds. Kerry should have said that, but he had so much to cover. He'll get him next time. If there was a winner, though, Kerry would have been it. Watching that debate, I realized how much I like this guy and how much I want him to be elected. I wish more than anything that I could vote on November 2nd.

And I love how he takes credit for Libya even though it was Clinton who did that. Unbeliveable. Oh, and his talk about the "neighborhood" countries! Doesn't he mean "neighboring"? He was like Mr. Rogers. I felt like he was going to change his shoes and talk to King Friday in the Land of Make Believe any minute.

Apparently 40,000 of those 100,000 troops he said he has trained were fired last week for being "incompetent". Nice job, George.
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