September 13th, 2004

feet butterfly


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Why do I always feel bad about what I put in here? I feel like people will think less of me. I should stop caring. Those people aren't my real friends, anyway.
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feet butterfly

Don't worry...I'm done screaming

Now that I've sufficiently calmed down, I can write a real entry.

Looking back to past entries, I realized how much I've changed. I'm not so sure how much of it was for the better. I seemed so much more positive a year ago, but that was before all this crazy stuff turned my little world upside down. I should give myself a break, I guess, and now that things are better try to get back to where I was with the knowledge that I have about myself now. It's funny, before I wouldn't even curse in here. I would just put the -'s in place of the letters. It's too cute. I suppose I was being respectful of everyone else. Then, at some point, I must have seen other people curse and decided it was okay to do that. As I'm sure I've said before, I subscribe to Mark Twain's philosophy: "When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear."

My writing style was different, possibly better. Non-fictional style, that is. My fictional style has improved significantly. I saw some of my old poetry before I had innerashley. It's interesting to see the change in yourself in the span of one year. It's so much bigger than you might think.
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