September 9th, 2004

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Can't say I'm not alive

Happy 17th Birthdayness to the Justiceness!

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Hmm...well, my mom doesn't want me to go to school tomorrow so I can run errands before we fly to Vegas at 6. Fine by me.

Today was pretty good, except for Economics. Mr. Davis, you know nothing about the situation in Cuba, okay? So why don't you just shut up. He had say that Fidel Castro was "successful". Let me tell you something, Mr. Davis. Fidel Castro is successful at ruining the lives of his people. Fidel Castro is successful at being a horrible person. Fidel Castro is successful at forever changing the lives of anyone who lived in Cuba during his reign. That's what he's successful at. And let me tell you something else. Cuba may look nice and have nice hotels and such, but the people who live there DON'T GET TO STAY IN THEM because Castro is such an asshole. And finally, Mr. Davis (even though you're not reading this), you don't know about Cuba. I don't know about Cuba either, but I know a hell of a lot more than you because my mother has been through more than you could ever imagine because of that "successful" dictator. So have my grandparents and my great aunts and uncles and my cousins.

My blood ran cold when he started talking about Castro in ANY KIND of a positive light. You. Don't. Know.

Oh, and in math I left class to go to the bathroom and tried to open the door on the way back and it got stuck, so when she let me back in I was like, "Sorry," and I was so mortified...and people laughed at me and I saw this one guy (who's a bastard anyway) making fun of me.
Look, kid. Let me tell you something. I may be the girl with the frizzy hair and the weird pins on her backpack right now, but when I come back in ten years I'm going to be the gorgeous girl with the successful career, and you'll be working at Mc Donald's. And if you're not, you'll be at a good job not because you deserved it, but because of the Good Ol' Boys Network. Fuck. You.

But other than all of was good. *giggles*
Seriously. I got some things done, got Justice this perfect birthday card that is not a birthday card and a birthday present, which I am sending out tomorrow...found some great quotes, had a good dinner, and I'm feeling better now that college apps are over,'s all good at the moment.

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." -Omar Khayyau
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