August 5th, 2004

feet butterfly

A brainless entry

Oh I am so excited...I am going to see my Jon, my Justice, my Julie, and my Erin very soon!

Today I went to the book all my stuff. Well, not all. Apparently, I really need to show up to Am Gov't Honors without a book. Greaaaaaaaat.

Then I grabbed lunch, went home to do some volunteer work on the computer for Stand Up For Kids, and went to Kids in Distress.

I adore those kids. We played on the playground and colored today. They're so friggin cute, I swear. I made some new little friends, so that was cool. My mom put up this picture I colored on the fridge. Hehe.

I left there at 6 and went to Jezebel's to visit with Court. It was great to see you! :) Afterwards I went to my dad's to feed the turtle, then to Eckerd's to pick up some stuff, to the chinese place to get dinner for my mom, and then home. And I'm I'll talk soon!
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