August 2nd, 2004

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The WB life

"I won't be broken again." -Evanescence

Does anyone else ever wish that life could be like a television show for, say, one week?

See, it doesn't mean life would be perfect. What would a show be without conflict and drama?

I guess sometimes I feel like I'd just kill for a Dawson Leery in my life, or to be like Felicity, or to be loved in the way that Pacey loved Andie. Your parents are divorced? Well, by the end of the season, you'll have a whole family again. You want to go against your parents and be an artist? Great. You'll find money somehow. Break up with the love of your life? You'll find someone else.

It's this place where fights don't last forever and everyone is absolutely certain of who their best friend is. They all get a chance to tell the people that hurt them just how sad they are and just how much they are hurt. They get to vent to their parents and not get in half as much trouble as I know I would get into. They have someone to cry to when they need it, and, furthermore, they actually CAN ask for help. It doesn't shame them or embarass them. It's not like their friends just find out what they're really feeling through comments that they didn't even know they made.

I wish things were simple enough to be solved in 45 minutes.
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