August 1st, 2004

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"It is worse to be incapable of love than it is to not be loved." -Jack Mc Phee, Dawson's Creek

Say what you want about that show, but that quote really sums up some things for me. Someone (and she knows who she is) has inspired me to be up front about my emotions, so I will. I know it may seem as if I am open about them usually, but I'm not entirely. Some of this is due to tact and class, and those I won't compromise. I'm not about to use this journal as a soapbox to air out all my issues with people, but since other mediums are clearly not of use right now, I'm using this for the first and last time. I guess what I have to say is this: Don't tell me you love me unless you mean it. Love is not so easily thrown away.


Ahhhhhhh I am covered in mosquito bites from standing out in the rain talking on the phone, but it was completely worth it. :) Yay, Julie.

I find myself looking forward to work every Sunday more and more. I hear it's very rare to actually like your job, and it's probably even more so to like the people you work with. I don't dislike any of my fellow employees. They kick ass! I worked at Scrubbing Bubbles with Daniella today. She cracks me up. We joke around all day and sing to the music in the store (well, she does. I'm shy). She had the idea to re-work the store, so we started that today. It was such craziness, let me tell you. She told me that if I had any ideas, I should tell her and we'd try them. At first I didn't know what to say, but later in the day my imagination kicked in. I had fun.

Lately I've been turning over one sentence in my mind. The drama award's dinner of my sophomore year, Ms. Kennedy gave her final speech, as she would be leaving for NC in a few months. She started listing some of her students and what she would miss about them, and then I heard my name. She said she would miss my "creative enthusiasm". I've never forgotten that. Sometimes it's hard to unleash that part of me. I get shy about giving ideas.

The store was interesting today. A man tried to pay for a candle with a counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill. Big mistake. Two bitchy women visited the store, making nasty comments here and there. They finally made their purchases, and not half an hour after they left, they called back. Apparently, the stitching on some "train case" she purchased was "crooked". She wanted to return it, and we don't do monetary returns. We return for store credit only. The lady basically demanded the moon and was quite rude about it, both to me and Daniella.

1. If you're so picky about stitching, why don't you look over it in the store?
2. I'll bet you a counterfeit hundred dollar bill that there's some crooked stitching on your shirt.

She got all pissy with me on the phone for not knowing what she meant by a "train case". I merely asked her if she was trying to exchange the thing she'd purchased or exchange for something else in the line. I later told Daniella that any of those stupid things could have been a train case.

I'm home alone now since my mom is on a business trip and my dad is in CT. Party at my house! Kidding...kidding...
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