July 31st, 2004

feet butterfly

Cute, Jeremiah, but the way to a girl's heart is not by treating her like a vending machine

Title provided by The Princess Diaries. I so want to see the second one. Julie Andrews is my hero.

I really love this icon. ;)It cracks me up.

Very productive day today. I went to Maggie's, walked the dogs, went to the gym, took a shower at my dad's and fed the turtle. Then I went to Kinko's and copied ALL the endnotes for Inferno. All 100 pages. I have to get going on that one, plus do the notes for Hamlet, plus do my Spanish Honors homework. Aaaagggghhh. Plus...there's service project planning. With a lot of thought and consideration, I've figured out the exact plans for it. If all goes well, it's going to kick serious ass. I'll fill you all in on the details once it's underway. Don't want to jinx it! ;) I just hope that I can really make a difference and help them in the way that I want to. If one person is changed from this, I have done my job. I think with prayer, God will really lead me and help me to achieve that.

I went to Joe Picasso's today. I was commissioned by my mom to make a mosaic tray for her to put the salt and pepper shakers on. I love what I did. It's so...manic. My mom said it was just what she wanted, so I was happy about that. It's nice to spend time on art, too.

I got a new phone, since mine wasn't charging. It's so teensy! Sorry if I missed your call...Julie and Mel especially. I'll call tomorrow, promise.

"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move." -Matthew 17:20

P.S. Almost 4 days till I go to NC! :D
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