July 24th, 2004

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ACidiC SODA [11:35 AM]: i'm in ashley lj withdraw lol
AWritersWindow [11:35 AM]: lol
AWritersWindow [11:35 AM]: :)
AWritersWindow [11:36 AM]: that makes me smile. I'll have to write today.
AWritersWindow [11:36 AM]: I'm going ALLLLLLLL the way back to catch up lol
AWritersWindow [11:36 AM]: it's taking forever
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: lol
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: i know
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: i was like looking
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: and was like
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: hey
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: she hasn't updated
ACidiC SODA [11:36 AM]: what is this insanity coming to lol
AWritersWindow [11:37 AM]: lol

Jackie's just awesome.

So, apparently some people have missed me...especially my Julieness. I missed her too! :) Anyway, thanks to those who did miss me...it's so sweet!

Las Vegas was fun. I realized a lot of things about myself while I was there. I think the biggest point is what Mick told me: "It's my life." And you know what? It is. Why have I been spending so much time on other people's feelings and problems and what they want for me? I have a lot of resentment because of the lack of support I've received for some of my biggest decisions. I also saw that I can either let go of that resentment or tell the people to whom it is directed about it. I shy away from that a lot because I HATE to fight, despite how I might seem to flirt with controversy.

There was one night where I got so angry but held it all in. I got sick of all the comments and the questions that did not need to be asked (not by my godfathers, btw). I got so sick of being the good girl, the responsible one, the dependable one, the one that has more self-control than the rest of the group.

I had such a great time, and it concluded with me, Mick, Taylor, and Mason hanging at Mason's house (which kicks some SERIOUS ass, by the way) making tempura shrimp and lobster. I felt so comfortable with myself. It was just incredible.

So now I'm home and I get to talk to my Julie on the phone, and IM with Jon, and see what's up with Justice...and...yeah.

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