July 13th, 2004

feet butterfly

Just fork it on over...or some puppets will get shot...

"Look around and you will find, no one's really colorblind."-Avenue Q

After Jon (my gay boyfriend- if you didn't know this, where the hell have you been? :op) read my last post, he decided not to marry me or have children with me because I hadn't seen Flipper, didn't like Clueless, and couldn't recall who the Goonies were. (Wasn't that the 80's?) I thought about how this could be, and then I realized.

He was out of his mind.

So I sent him fabulous icons and now we're still getting married. *giggles*

I'm very excited for Erica's sleepover on Saturday. Yay Jackson's! Yay reliving 3rd grade!

Austinos08 [12:11 AM]: He even promised to marry my pet watch.
AWritersWindow [12:12 AM]: Oh he did, now did he?
AWritersWindow [12:12 AM]: Wait.
AWritersWindow [12:12 AM]: You have a pet watch?
Austinos08 [12:12 AM]: Uh....
Austinos08 [12:12 AM]: I do now.

Austin cracks me up. I love him and am soooo glad he's home. And Rachel is hysterical.

I'm going to yoga tomorrow to try to get myself out of this weird mood I've been stuck in.

And GUESS WHAT? I got tickets to Avenue Q for August 12!!!

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feet butterfly

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Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.

Nicholas Murray Butler

I'm having a bit of a hard time being optimistic at the moment. I think that's because I feel really scruitinized today. But I definitely believe that this is true.
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