July 8th, 2004

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All kinds of stuff to address in this entry...

First of all, about my soundtrack to my life entry...

I should have added:
Best Friends Theme:

Court-"Because You Loved Me" -Celine Dion
Jon- The entire Avenue Q soundtrack
Julie- "Drops of Jupiter" -Train
Dani- I don't know! I keep thinking of it and I'm not exactly certain what song I'd put. But just know that I want to.

Next: The reason my journal entries have started becoming public is because I decided to stop adding kids from school to my journal (with very few exceptions). This is because of what happened in June with people finding my journal and reading past entries. To clarify, it was not the fact that it was found that bothered me in the end (I finally realized that I put this out there, so I got what I had coming to me). What disturbed me was how the person who found it found this funny. This is my life, and you find it funny? What's incredibly sad is that she is still talking and laughing about what she's read in my journal, which is so sad. Don't you think she should have something better to do by now? According to her it was just like a novel. You know, they sell those at the bookstore...maybe she should consider reading one?

I just don't want people looking back at things that are now in my past, acts that have been forgiven, feelings that are no longer applicable, and being able to see that. It could be misused in some way, and as I have one more year left at Gibbons, I don't want that happening.

Finally, I saw Fahreinheit 9/11 tonight and it ROCKED. I am not as left-wing as Michael Moore, but that movie kicked serious ass. Seriously, anyone who can see it should. I understand if you want to vote for Bush, but I think people should open their minds to this film. If your convictions are strong, why are you worried about a film changing your mind? Court, I want to see it again on Sunday if you're still up for doing that. I ran into Mike there and he's seen it twice as well.

Apparently (this was not included in the film), there is a bill being proposed that will start the draft in 2005 (I believe) and this will include women. Yes, I understand that there should be gender equality in military aspects as in other parts of life, but you can talk feminism all day long until it hits you where you live.

And that is my political update till...October.
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