July 7th, 2004

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Because everything good is stolen from Jon-no-h...

The soundtrack of my life:

Opening credits: “No Such Thing"-John Mayer

Waking-up scene: “Here Comes the Sun" -George Harrison

Best-friend scene: Hmmm...Austin, how's Switchfoot sound to you? Hahahahaha. Whatever that Star Wars song is, Austin. You know what I'm talking about. That one. And Justice..."Here's to the Night" by Eve 6.

First-date scene: “You Set Me Free"-Michelle Branch

Falling-in-love scene: “Dreaming"-Selena

Love scene: “Back to You"-John Mayer, "Clocks"-Coldplay

Fight-with-friend scene: "My Stupid Mouth"-John Mayer, or "Fallen" by Sarah Maclachlan

Break-up scene: “There's a Fine, Fine Line" -Avenue Q, and "Too Little, Too Late"- Aida

Get-back-together scene: "So Happy Together"-The Turtles

“Life's okay" scene: "Someday We'll Know" -Mandy Moore and...that other guy

Heartbreak scene: “You Oughta Know"-Alanis Morisette

Mental-breakdown scene: “Chop Suey!"-System of a Down

Driving scene: “Why Georgia"-John Mayer

Deep-thought scene: "Dare You to Move" -Switchfoot

Flashback scene: “1983"-John Mayer (wow, a lot of John in here)

Party scene: “Shake Ya Tailfeather"-Nelly & company

Happy dance scene: I have no idea...

Regret scene: “Yesterday"-The Beatles

Long-night: “Pitseleh"-Keeping the Faith soundtrack

Closing credits: “Wonder"-Natalie Merchant
feet butterfly

You can be as loud as the hell you want...

Today is insanely busy. I got up this morning at 9:45 (aren't you proud, Julie? I didn't waste the day!) and hung out with my dad for awhile. I went to the gym after lunch to do cardio (I found out I should be doing more of that than I was), and then to Maggie's house to walk her dogs. During the walk, this construction worker started speaking to me (more like shouting) in Spanish. Well, I don't know if he thought I was a gringo or what, but yes, sir, I do know that you're talking about my ass. I let him know I knew, too.

Then I came back to my mom's, and I have to clean the old birdcage (which is so big I could sit in it) so we can give it to someone else. My mom is paying me to do that, so it's not so bad. Then I have to pick up medicine at Eckerd's, go to the post office (for my Justice), etc etc.

Does anyone watch Big Brother 5? How insane was that last night? I don't watch a lot of t.v., but I will watch that show.
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I know it sounds snobbish, but I deserved about 40 bucks for cleaning out that bird cage. It was soooooo gross from being outside and it raining...ugh.

My face is sunburned now, and it hurts.

Here's my thought for the day: Why is it that people want you to hate them, therefore making what they did to you less painful for them? Why can't we all own up to the shit that we do, and get over it?

Also, in my reading (I'm reading about 3 books at once right now), I read a section last night about forgiveness. Forgiving yourself, forgiving others, forgiving God. In my belief that you can and should tell God anything you want, I never realized that you could say you were mad at Him. Once I read that, though (it's a religious book in a sense), it made total sense. Knowing and believing that also creates a kind of freedom and breaks the barriers between you and God. It's okay to be angry. Nothing in any relationship, supernatural or otherwise, works without real honesty. If we're honest, we know that we are not always happy with everyone. We get mad, or hurt, or upset.

That section was also about releasing the past, something I definitely need to do. Forgiving other people, forgiving myself. Realizing that if someone keeps hurting you, you need to distance yourself from that person.

I'll let you all know what else I figure out.
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