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Stolen from Steph

Name: Ashley Nicole Ruiz-Margenot
Birthday: 7/1/87
Zodiac Sign: cancer
Gender: female
What time is it? 12:06
Are you sensitive? definitely

Last Person who...
Called you?: my dad
Slept in your bed?: err...me?
saw you cry?: My mom..or was it my dad?
Made you cry?: my mom
You shared a drink with?: I don't do that...last time I did that I got soooooooo sick.
You went to the Movies with?: Court
You went to the mall with?: myself
Yelled at you?: probably my mom
Sent you an email?: Erin

Have you ever...
Taken a pic of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the Milk people?: Who has?
Said "I Love you" and meant it?: Wouldn't it be sad if I said no?
Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat?: Yes...the dogs, all the time.
Been to NY?: YES!
Been to Florida?: I live there.
Been to California?: Yep, years ago.
Been to Hawaii?: Yep.
Danced naked?: i wouldn't want to subject myself, or anyone else, to that kind of punishment-I second Steph's answer.
Had a dream about something really crazy, then have it happened?: Hmmm...no.
Stalked someone?: No!
Had a mud bath?: Nope.
Wished you were the opposite sex?: Sometimes.
Had an imaginary friend?: When I was little.
What time is it now?: 12:13
Apples or Bananas?: apples
Blue or red?: red
Bsb or nsync?: nsync
Wal mart or target?: target
Spring or fall?: spring
Santa or Rudolph?: I hate them both!
What are you going to do after you finish this?: get up off my ass and do something
What was the last meal you ate? Chicken and rice. Well, minus the chicken. The dogs ate it.
High school or College?: College.
How many of your buddies are online?: 6
Last movie you saw?: Fahreinheit 9/11
Last noise you heard?: Music
Last smell you sniffed?: I don't know

Shampoo: Herbal Essences
Soap: Bath and Body Works stuff
Colors?: purple, light blue, light greens
Day or Night?: night
Summer or Winter?: Summer
Lace or Satin?: satin
Cartoon Character?: Stewie from Family Guy

In the last two weeks, have you...
Cried?: yes
Cut your hair?: no
Worn a skirt?: yep.
Been Sarcastic?: No. I'm never sarcastic.
Talked to Someone you have a crush on?: No, because I don't have a crush.
Hugged someone?: yes.
Fought with your parents?: yep
Wished upon a star?: nope
Laughed until you cried?: no
Played truth or dare?: No, but maybe we will on Saturday? THE HORROR!
Watched a Sunrise/Sunset?: No
Went to the Beach at night?: Drove by it...
Spent Quality time alone?: too much time, actually...
Ate a meal?: No, I starved myself.
Are you lonely?: Sometimes
Are you happy?: sometimes
Are you talking to someone online?: No
what time is it now?: 4:41 (I went back and finished this later, btw)
last cigarette: the 12th of Never
last car ride: I drove home from the Red Room
last good cry: Uhh...Monday? Sunday night?
last library book checked out: Oh man...I have no idea
last book read: Completely read? Umm...oh I can't remember them.
last cuss word uttered: Probably fuck or shit
last beverage drank: water
last food consumed: ice cream
last crush: he knows who he is.
last phone call: Julie
last tv show watched: I Love the 90's
last time showered: This afternoon
last cd played: Sarah Mc Lachlan
last item bought: Ice cream
last downloaded: I don't remember
last annoyance: not being able to find my keys this afternoon.
last disappointment: the dogs eating my dinner
last soda drank: a coke like...days ago
last thing written: a to-do list
last key used: car key
last word(s) spoken: You don't want to know.
last sleep: Last night...
last im: Jon :)
last sexual fantasy: hahahahaha...like I'm going to tell you.
last weird encounter: Tuesday
last time amused: A minute ago on this survey
last time wanting to die: You don't want to know that one, either.
last time in love: January?
last time hugged: last night
last time scolded: Wednesday
last time resentful: yesterday
last chair sat in: this one
last underwear worn: bikini underwear
last lipstick used: oh lord only knows
last bra worn: pink V.S. bra
last time dancing: Atlantis?
last poster looked at: Movie posters
last show attended: The Boy from Oz
last webpage visited: LJ

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