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Do you remember...
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?: So this is a story all about how my life got turned right upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sitting right here to tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air *makes the sound that comes at the end of the verse*. Dani, remember how you taught me this song? I know the whole thing!
Fraggle Rock?: Yeah! Oh, I totally remember that.
Are you afraid of the dark?: Yep! That was weird.
The Secret World of Alex Mack?: I watched that all the time!
The Nightmare before Christmas?: Love that movie!
Welcome, Freshman?: Why do I think I recognize that? But no...maybe not.
The Muppet Show?: Muppets ROCK!
Muppet Babies?: YES!!!
Disney Babies?: No...
Eureka's Castle?: *ding dong ding dong* Eureka's Castle...I loved the worms!!! And they were all obsessed with peanut butter and stuff!
Salute your shorts?: Camp Anawana, we hold you in our hearts, and when we think about you...it makes us wanna FART (Ug: It's, 'I hope we never part', now get it right or PAY THE PRICE.)
Hey, Dude?: I loved that one, too! You know, Ben Stiller's wife used to be on that.
Double Dare?: Yes!
Rocko's Modern Life?: "Garbage day is a very dangerous day." "Daddy, daddy! Teacher says that when a gas cap is found, an angel gets it's wings!" "Your teacher's full of snot."
All That?: The ORIGINAL cast was the best. Otherwise, forget it!
Ren and Stimpy?: Log, log...it's something something...something...
Clarissa Explains It All?: Yes!! Watched it all the time.
The Torkelsons?: Loved it! Great show...with Dorothy Jane and all of them!
Adventures of Pete and Pete?: Watched it somewhat...
Goodburger?: Welcome to Goodburger, home of the good burger, may I take your order?
Ahh Real Monsters?: Yeah! Loved that. Ickis, Krumm, Oblina, the Grumble...(and hello, why was the Grumble wearing ladies shoes?)
Tiny Toons?: Nah.
Animaniacs?: ugh...NO
Baby-sitters Club, the books?: Are you KIDDING? No, really, are you KIDDING? I read like every single one of them! That is, until I realized that Ann M. Martin didn't know what the hell she was talking about, because since when do people leave 11 and 13 year old girls in charge during an f-ing blizzard?
Baby-Sitters Club, the movie?: Saw it once...don't really remember it.
Baby-Sitters Club, the tv show?: Definitely...that was great.
Pinky and the Brain?: Nope. I remember it...but nope.
Kablam?: It was kind of fun..I liked "Life With Loopy" and what was that other one? Sniz and Fondue?
Gullah Gullah Island?: Let's all go to Gullah Gullah Island, GULLAH GULLAH!
Dunkaroos?: I liked the icing.
Snick?: Karli, it was Saturday night, silly. What do you think the "S" in Snick is for? :-p That was awesome...I loved it. Until they put Nick Cannon in there and then everything just went downhill.
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo?: I liked that.
Nickelodeon Magazines?: I read them sometimes, but never subscribed.
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (the tv show?): Sometimes..good stuff! The Chief died, did you know?
Nick Magazine?: isn't that nickeoldeon magazines?
The Goonies?: Huh?
Adventures in Wonderland?: Eee! Yeah!
Homeward Bound?: It was okay.
Neverending Story?: UGH........NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: Never seen it.
Pete's Dragon?: Never seen it.
Hocus Pocus?: Seen it...Bette Midler.
Land Before Time?:Awww....yeah.
Fern Gully?: I LOVED THAT!
Dinosaurs (the TV show?): Saw an Episode or 2
The Coneheads?: Uh...
Secret of NIMH?: Like the rats of Nimh?
Care Bears?: Never watched it.
Transformers?: I remember my cousin having them.
My Little Pony?: UGH! NO! THAT DREK!
Rainbow Brite?: Umm..what?
Lite Brite?: Yeah, that was so cool! You plugged in the colored lights to make a design...it was very cool.
Lady Lovely Locks?: Who?
Candyland?: So fun.
Sky Dancers?: Oh yeah! I got those for a birthday once.
Jellie Sandals?: Yep :)
Tamagotchies?: I had one! Aww that was fun...and then they died and like, kept you up until 11 at night when you were 9.
Saved by the Bell?:Nah, never into it, but I know about it.
American Girl?: I have Samantha, Molly, and a Girl of Today (GT13B, same as Karli's) that I named Jamie.
The Magic Attic?: What?
Pogs?: Oh yeah! I had those...but we just showed them off to each other.
Choose your Own Adventures?: Again, what?
Step by Step?: I just listened to the theme song and flipped the channel.
Full House?: Yes! Okay, John Stamos is HOT. He's still hot. I watch reruns whenever I can.
TGIF on ABC?: You know, I was never into that. I remember it, though. I watch the reruns of those shows, like Boy Meets World and stuff.
Clueless (the movie) ?: Sucked.
Clueless (the novels) ?: No f-ing way. I would not lower myself.
Clueless (the TV series)?: No way.
Boy Meets World?: I love that show!!!!!!
Flipper?: Nope
Eerie Indiana?: nope..
Third Rock from the Sun?: Saw it once or twice...not bad.
Ghostwriter?: Once or twice.
Growing Pains?: Totally got into that.
Family Ties?: Nope
Home Improvement?: Nah...I hated JTT
Kenan and Kel?: Yeah, sometimes.
Hanson?: OMG YES!!!! I was such a freak for them. I met them when I was 13, actually. And I went to about 4 concerts in total...still listen to the Middle of Nowhere CD to make me happy when I need it.
Inspector Gadget?: Dun na na na na Inspecter Gadget, dun na na na na...woo hoo...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?: Nah, not into it.
Hot Wheels?: No..
Power Rangers (the TV show) ?: Nah...but I played with the action figures with my cousin.
Power Rangers (the movie) ?: Oh lord I had to go with Matt...ugh!
Creepy Crawlers?: I remember those!
Easy Bake Ovens?: Oh yeah...I got one years ago! What happened to it?
Flower Making kits?: Huh?
Wild and Crazy Kids?: Oh yeah!And that guy on it ended up on that show with Taj Mowry...Smart Guy! That's the name!
Rainbow Fish?: Awww...yes!
If you give a mouse a cookie?: Never read it
If you give a moose a muffin?: Same as above
Any other 'If you give' books?: Well there's this one called, 'If You Give a Girl Your Phone Number'. Big hit.
Bailey School Kids?: OMG!!!!!!!!!! YES! Ghosts don't eat potato chips!!!
Wayside School?: OMG, who did not read those? The wayside stories of wayside school or something.
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (the book) ?: no..
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (the tv show) ?: no..
Boxcar Kids?: I only liked the first one. That's the only one I kept.
Ramona Quimby?: Ramona!!! Poor Ramona. She was so misunderstood, evidenced by that name of hers.
Amber Brown?: YES!!! Amber Brown is not a Crayon...etc etc etc etc. Loved her. Really loved her.
Roald Dahl?: Sure! James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, BFG...
3-2-1 Contact?: no..
Wishbone?: Was very into it, and come to think of it, Joe was cute! What ever happened to Joe?
Allegra's Window?: OMG! I loved Alegra way past the time I was supposed to!
Tea Time Bunnies?: nope..
the Littlest Pet Shop?: YES!!!! I had those...awww...with the little dogs and the poodle and those teensy cats
Pound Puppies?: I had them but lost all but one.
Trollies (the songs/tapes) ?: no..
Trolls (the dolls) ?: YES!!!!! They were awesome!!! I liked the ones with the jewels for belly buttons. I always checked before I got one to see if they had one.
Alvin and the Chipmunks?: Liked the movie, not the show.
Strawberry Shortcake?: Never into it.

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