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A - Age: seventeen
B - Bands listening to right now: none
C - Career of the future: psychologist
D - Dad's Name: Al
E - Ethnic Background: Cuban/Italian (now come on, did I have ANY CHOICE but to be a drama queen?)
F - Favorite song at the moment: Anything from Avenue Q (I'm so addicted)
G - Great escape: The Mitford series, working on my book.
H - Hometown: Wilton Manors
I - Instrument: a little piano, and voice
J - Job Title: dogwalker and employee at Scrubbing Bubbles, Baby Bubbles, LaLa, or Ink (it depends on the Sunday)
K - Kids: I want at least 2. My mom wants me to have 4.
L - Last person you talked to on the phone: Maggie
M - Mom's Name: Maria
N - Number of Siblings: 1 half sibling
O - Oldest Sibling: my sister - age: 34, lives in MA
P - Phobia[s] / Fear[s]: myself sometimes, murder, abduction, rape
Q - Favorite Quote: I have many..."You've gotta go for the things you want while you're still in your prime." -Avenue Q, "Beauty means nothing without the right attitude to back it up." -God Shaped Hole And that's just 2 of them.
S - Song you sang last: The Money Song from guess where?
T - Time you wake up: It depends.
U - Unknown fact about me: I hate homemade macaroni and cheese but love the stuff from the box. I also hate jello. Food SHOULD NOT MOVE.
V - Vegetable you Hate: Corn
W - Worst Habit: being defensive, not trusting
X - X-rays you've had: my head (ha!)(I had a CT scan a few years ago).
Y - Yummy Food: Benihana's fried rice.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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