A Wild Child (awriterswindow) wrote,
A Wild Child

Because everything good is stolen from Jon-no-h...

The soundtrack of my life:

Opening credits: “No Such Thing"-John Mayer

Waking-up scene: “Here Comes the Sun" -George Harrison

Best-friend scene: Hmmm...Austin, how's Switchfoot sound to you? Hahahahaha. Whatever that Star Wars song is, Austin. You know what I'm talking about. That one. And Justice..."Here's to the Night" by Eve 6.

First-date scene: “You Set Me Free"-Michelle Branch

Falling-in-love scene: “Dreaming"-Selena

Love scene: “Back to You"-John Mayer, "Clocks"-Coldplay

Fight-with-friend scene: "My Stupid Mouth"-John Mayer, or "Fallen" by Sarah Maclachlan

Break-up scene: “There's a Fine, Fine Line" -Avenue Q, and "Too Little, Too Late"- Aida

Get-back-together scene: "So Happy Together"-The Turtles

“Life's okay" scene: "Someday We'll Know" -Mandy Moore and...that other guy

Heartbreak scene: “You Oughta Know"-Alanis Morisette

Mental-breakdown scene: “Chop Suey!"-System of a Down

Driving scene: “Why Georgia"-John Mayer

Deep-thought scene: "Dare You to Move" -Switchfoot

Flashback scene: “1983"-John Mayer (wow, a lot of John in here)

Party scene: “Shake Ya Tailfeather"-Nelly & company

Happy dance scene: I have no idea...

Regret scene: “Yesterday"-The Beatles

Long-night: “Pitseleh"-Keeping the Faith soundtrack

Closing credits: “Wonder"-Natalie Merchant

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